Issue 75

Cover Model Tawny Jordan Corona boxing’s ring girl graces our 75th issue 7 Year Krush Sophia Marie San Diego bombshell Sophia Marie is our 7 year Krush. Kandystand Hot Moms Josie Fox of Chicago kicks off a new monthly feature…

Fall Fitness Tips

5 Fitness tips for the newbie

Abs are made in the kitchen. If you haven’t heard this before, you will.

Issue 74

2018’s KANDY SWEET 60 Cover Model Claudia Fijal 5 Time KANDY Magazine Cover Girl is the Sweetest of the Sweet 60 this year! The Sweetest 60 KANDY Models Top 10 Shantal Monique is just one of this year’s stellar top…

The People’s Republic of You: What to drive if you inherit a country

OK, let’s say your dictator daddy just died, and he left you with a gazillion dollars, a poorly trained military, and 8.5 million starving subjects. Assuming that the UN is up-to-date on their humanitarian aide, you’re going to have a…

Girl of the Day Casey Boonstra

Photo Mike Prado

Girl of the Day Tiffany Toth

Tiffany Toth
Kandy 2018 Summer Kickoff Issue

Issue 73

NIKI GHAZIAN Cover Girl LA socialite and attorney Niki Ghazian surfs her way to the Summer Kickoff issue.   KANDYSTAND HALI DIANA Swimwear designer Hali Diana warms up the Kandystand   Victoria Lace We love Texas girls . Movie Stars…

DJ Amie Rose Kandy cover

Blondes 2018 Special Edition

Blondes 2018 Kandy Magazine We time hop with Christina Riordan through the entire year.   Tiffany Toth Entire issued dedicated to blondes   World of Kandy Australia Emily Sears started the Australian Kandy craze. She’s featured. Shelby James She is…

2018 NFL Mock Draft – How did we do?

The Most Radical NFL Mock Draft The 2018 NFL draft is quickly approaching. The draft will be held from April 26 to 28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the first time the NFL is holding the draft…

April 2018 KANDY Magazine

KATIE LOHMANN IS BACK We’ve got NEW, FRESH photos of one of our readers all-time favorite Kandy girls.   KANDYGRAM Lauren Luongo Has our Kandy bear ever looked sexier?   KANDYSTAND Raven Lexy of San Diego makes her KANDY debut….