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Dominica Westling Take Two!


Take Two! The Second Kandy Interview
Hey! What can we say?! She’s Swedish!

If a young American guy was planning a trip to Sweden, where would you recommend he visit and why?
I’d recommend the capital, Stockholm. It’s built on fourteen islands and it’s very pretty. Old Town is cool to check out or a boat trip in the archipelago. I almost forgot the “young American guy” part. There are many fun nightclubs there; Swedish women tend to love Americans, so a good time is guaranteed!

What is the biggest difference between Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish women?
The biggest difference would be that Swedish women are hotter. Just kidding. I honestly think we are pretty similar in terms of mentality and looks; though the Finnish drink a lot more than Swedes and we have an ongoing joke that Norwegians are dumb.

Why do you think Americans fantasize about hooking up with a Swedish model?
I’ve heard it’s because we have a similar reputation to Brazilian women.

How about Swedish celebrities? Other than Tiger Woods’s ex-wife Elin Nordgren, we’re drawing a blank. Help us out here. Who else should we recognize?
Maybe you’ve heard of Victoria Silvstedt, Malin Åkerman, Alexander Skarsgård and Ingrid Bergman.

Speaking of Elin, we’re curious. If it had been you, would you have done the same thing she allegedly did and taken a golf club to his car?
I really don’t think so, but who knows unless you end up in the same situation.

Love is a powerful drug and makes people do stupid things. What is the most embarrassing act of love you or a friend of yours did?
I have a friend who COMPLETELY destroyed a $100,000 car belonging to his ex’s new boyfriend. Love was definitely to blame for that move.

These photos you shot for Kandy are extremely hot. It seemed to the production crew that you became more relaxed as you wore less and less clothing. Is that accurate?
Thank you! What can I say, I’m Swedish!

So, would you say you are equally comfortable naked, whether in front of a camera or walking around at home?
Well, at home I don’t have to worry about the nipples showing, but yes I’m pretty comfortable.

Download the October 2013 issue of Kandy magazine to read Dominica’s entire Kandy interview and to view her sizzling Kandy pictorial.  

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