KANDY Magazine is looking for its’ first SWEETHEART. 

In addition to the title of KANDY SWEETHEART 2019, the winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to either KANDY Southern California or KANDY South Florida for an extravagant photo shoot with one of the top glamour photographers in the world as well as having hair, makeup and styling by a couple of the best in the industry. The winner will have a magazine release party in her honor at one of the top nightclubs in America, accompanied by a press release and media coverage.

From the moment you land till the moment you leave your entire experience will be captured for KANDY fans around the world.

Are you our first KANDY SWEETHEART? Email your entry to kandy@kandymag.com and  include

  • Name
  • Age (real age)
  • Measurements
  • Height
  • City/State (Sorry US residents only)
  • along with 2 selfies (one facial and one full body)

Must be 21 or older as of Aug. 17, 2019. Scroll down for competition parameters.

Each week 2 models will go head to head for fan popularity.

Fans will vote inside the Kandy App (no subscription required). Winner will advance to the following week.

Winners who win 3 weeks in a row will advance to Round 2 Quarterfinals.

Once 8 models qualify for Round 2, Round 1 competition closes.

Quarter-finalists will be paired up in a new round of voting. Voting will last two weeks per pair. Winners advance to Semi-Finals

Semi-finalists are split into two pairs and a new round of voting will begin for two weeks. Winners will advance to Finals.

Finalists go head to head in a final round of voting that will last for 1 month. 

Good luck ladies and fan voting rules will be published with the first pair of models competing in week 1.

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