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Kendra on Top Season Premiere Trailer Featuring Jessica Hall

Kendra on Top Season Premiere Trailer Featuring Jessica Hall

This is one season premiere you do not want to miss our 2014 Kandy Krush of the Year Jessica Hall comforts her best friend Kendra Wilkinson in the season premiere of Kendra on Top. This is as real as reality…

How to Get the Girl

Does this sound familiar? You’ve finally worked up the guts to ask an attractive woman you’ve started hanging out with on a date, and she replies with a sympathetic smile and a cliche: “You’re a great guy. But I would hate to ruin our friendship.”

Best Facial Hairstyles From NBA All-stars

Some of the biggest names in the history of professional basketball have sported downright crazy mug manes to complement their cute little shorts. We pick our faves — from today’s all-stars to the NBA’s Hall of Fame hairballs.

Free Apps to Keep Your Roadtrip on Track

Remember when preparing for a road trip just meant tuning up your car and buying a dashboard Jesus to guide you on your journey? Those days are gone, Magellan! Here are the 11 essential — and free — apps to make your road trip fast, fun and easier to navigate than an elevator trip.

9 Signs She May Be Psycho

9 Signs She May Be Psycho

They say the hottest ones are usually the craziest, so is that hottie you’ve been seeing waiting to unleash her inner-psycho on you? Check out the crazy-chick check list below:   If you answer ‘Yes’ to 3 or more of them, you might be dating…