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When starting a new relationship what’s a deal-breaker for girls?

Just be decent, show her respect, and let her know she’s someone you want to be around. Oh, and don’t cheat on her. That’s a big one.

The Car-Ma Sutra

“You’re listening to Late Night Loove on KNDY, Los Angeles…Fella’s, it’s about to be Valentine’s Day; that time of the year when you get to show that special someone, a little something special.

Schlong Out of Jail Free Card: Valentine’s Day

Passing up on sweet plans for February 14th is literally telling your penis, ‘instead of going to the water park that day, lets just take another lonely shower’.

Valentine's Day For Lovers

Valentine's Day For Lovers

You have to be thoughtful on her birthday and Christmas… but on Valentine’s Day, you have to be romantic. It’s non-negotiable.

Valentine’s Day Caliente Style

Valentine’s Day is about sweets and romance – this time around try celebrating in both a sexy and healthy way… #Sexercise style!

3 Ways To Revive Your Sex Life

Never become predictable, and your relationship is likely to keep her on her toes and inspired for a long time. And her inspiration will keep you a happy man as well.

11 Tips to Surviving Thanksgiving

What is it about Thanksgiving that places a tremendous amount of strain on relationships? Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season which means unrealistic gift expectations and tremendous pressure to meet those expectations. Here are 11 tips to get you through Thanksgiving.

Measures of Manliness

If you’re like most guys, you’re getting increasingly comfortable wearing pastel-colored clothing, futzing around in the kitchen and investing in grooming products. Times are a-changin’, and there’s science to support it:

How to Get the Girl

Does this sound familiar? You’ve finally worked up the guts to ask an attractive woman you’ve started hanging out with on a date, and she replies with a sympathetic smile and a cliche: “You’re a great guy. But I would hate to ruin our friendship.”

9 Signs She May Be Psycho

They say the hottest ones are usually the craziest, so is that hottie you’ve been seeing waiting to unleash her inner-psycho on you? Check out the crazy-chick check list below:   If you answer ‘Yes’ to 3 or more of them, you might be dating…