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2018 NFL Mock Draft – How did we do?

The Most Radical NFL Mock Draft The 2018 NFL draft is quickly approaching. The draft will be held from April 26 to 28 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. This is the first time the NFL is holding the draft…

NBA Tampering Policy is Antiquated

The NBA is exactly what is wrong with professional sports today. Spoiled athletes dictating terms to their employers and being overly enriched …

Salted Venture Smart Golf Shoes

Iofit is a golf shoe brand that helps the wearer achieve effective impact position by measuring the degree to which the wearer’s center of gravity shifts using a sensor attached to the sole. Through a self-developed mobile application, the device can process 30 to 120 data frames per second.

Why NFL Ratings Are in The Tank

The casual fan says enough. The newspaper folds. The sportswriter is out of a job. The propaganda arm of the NFL goes away. Ratings go down. You see where this is going.

2016’s NHL Surprises and Disappointments

This team might not win the Cup this season but Oiler fans should expect to be rejoicing in multiple Cup winners in the years ahead.

2016 Top 5 Heisman Candidates

This year’s top 5 candidates heading into the final weeks come from the Northwest, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southwest. Remarkably, none of the candidates play in the SEC …

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2016 Top 5 Heisman Candidates Why NFL Ratings Are in The Tank 2016’s NHL Surprises and Disappointments

Baseball Reminds Us Why It is Our National Pastime

One wonders what the outcome might have been if Indians manager Terry Francona had left Coco Crisp in the game instead of lifting him for added defense in Martinez. Crisp was 2 for 4 in the game and hitting .333 for the series and his OPS was .885. We have all off season to debate, but one thing is for sure the two greatest managers in the game today were on the field last night.

World Cup of Hockey Preview

By Mike Czajka MLB season got you down?  If you are chomping at the bit for professional hockey action and can’t wait for the NHL season to begin tune into the World Cup of Hockey which kicks off with the…

MLB – 2016 Second-half Season Preview

By Khalid Mohamed The Major League Baseball All-Star game has come and gone once again, it was a pretty rocking party with celebrity sightings and media coverage that documented all of it’s magnificent details. That said, it’s time to for…