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App Picker Kandy App Review

Check out the latest independent party review of Kandy Magazine App. Kandy App Picker Review


iPhone App for Comic-Con 2013 Now Available!

The new edition of our official iPhone app is now available for download on the App Store. The app includes access on your iPhone to the complete Comic-Con International 2013 schedule including programs, anime, autographs, the film festival games, portfolio…

Sports Media Dynamo Bleacher Report Launches for iPad

Bleacher Report, one of the largest sports websites in the country, has hit the iPad. The company launched both its Team Stream App, which offers fans curated news and analysis from various content sources, and its HTML 5-optimized website for…



Tiny Tower seems like a simple, if not silly, game. But that’s how it gets you addicted.


How many passwords do you have to remember? Thanks to 1Password, you can keep all of your security codes safe and secure on your smartphone.


Jump the language barrier with this incredible translation app. Its bidirectional speech recognition system allows users to speak in one language and have it instantly translated into another. The listener can then reverse the process, allowing two people to have a real-time conversation in two different languages.


 Retro gamers, rejoice! This app gives you access to 100 (yes, 100) classic Atari games. The shell only comes with Pong, but you can download additional titles for $0.99 each, or $14.99 for the lot, starring arcade titles such as…



 Eat yourself thin with the app that helps you track how much food you’re stuffing your face with (always our downfall). Just point your iPhone at your meal before you chow down, and it logs the photo so you can…

iPhone app Ness knows what you like to eat

But can it guarantee that your food will taste as good as it looks on your phone? Are you ready to try another recommender app? Even if you’ve been burned by less-than-stellar automatic recommendations in the past, free restaurant recommender…