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Secrets Your Apartment Reveals About You

We all know that feeling of elation when the girl you’ve had your eye on for months finally agrees to go out with you. Maybe you start out slowly with a trip to the local Cineplex, and then you kick…

Wireless Home Entertainment Systems

I’ve got a great audio system in my living room, but I’d like to listen to it in other areas of the house. What are my wireless options?

A sure bet: Shure's new flagship SRH940 headphones

Closed-back, over-the-ear (circumaural) headphones were the original noise-isolating headphones. Closed-back headphones seal your ears off from external sound, but the isolation is purely acoustic; noise-canceling headphones use electronics and do a slightly better job of blocking noise. But there are…


Fusion Garage Grid 10 tablet

Just when I thought the tablet market was settling into a Honeycomb malaise, a rogue tablet has jumped into the mix. The Grid 10 from Fusion Garage (yes, that Fusion Garage) was unveiled today as a 10-inch tablet alternative to…


BlueAnt Embrace headphones review: Excellent, natural sound

BlueAnt branches out from its Bluetooth wireless roots with a wired stereo “headset” it calls Embrace. The stylish over-ear headphones include an integrated mic and controls for iOS devices that allow you to make hands-free calls and play, pause, and track-forward audio selections. Although their $200 retail price tag sways toward the higher end of the consumer market, we recommend these over-ear headphones for their robust, well-defined sound and padded comfort.


$20 Logitech Harmony 200 universal remote hits Radio Shack

If you thought $30 was too much to spend for a universal remote control, I’ve got good news: Logitech just released one that’s 33 percent cheaper.