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Actress Caitlin O'Connor

April 2017

¬†Cover Model¬†Actress Caitlin O’Connor The UCLA sorority girl is soaring to new heights in 2017 as an actress and red carpet host. April 2017 Krush Savannah Potocnik Steel City doubleheader as Pittsburgh’s Savannah Potocnik joins fellow Steel City girl Caitlin…

2013 Kandy Swimsuit Issue Release Party

The ladies of Kandy Magazine stormed Drais in Hollywood for the Kandy Magazine swimsuit issue release party sponsored by PFI Club and hosted by Tyga. Kandy girls in attendance Jessa Hinton, Tiffany Toth, Irina Voronina, Emily Sears, Jessica Cribbon, Alexa Sandberg, Nikki Leigh, Rachel Bernstein, Katie Lohmann, Jennifer England, Nina Carla, Elizabeth Deo, Niki Ghazian and many future Kandy girls.

Babes In Toyland

Hosted by Irina Voronina, Katie Lohmann, Emily Sears, Niki Ghazian, Caitlin O’Connor, Holley Dorrough, Carissa Rosario, Natalie Getz, Andrea Lowell, Melissa MOJO Hunter, Michelle Baena, Courtney Paige, Jordan Monroe, Skyler Haze, Alana Curry

Kandy Magazine Launch Party Photos

Check out photos from Kandy Magazine’s launch party at Colony Nightclub in Hollywood.