10 Observations Regarding MLB Opening Day 2012

Day one of the 2012 Baseball Season is in the books, we are not counting those exhibitions over seas. Here are our top 10 observations:

1. Why did MLB start with a soft schedule?

2. Johan Santana is back and this gives the Mets hope that all is not lost for 2012.

3. The Dodgers will win the games they should. Now, can they win the games they should not?

4. The Padres will not be as bad as people think. The Rockies might be the bottom dwellers in the division.

5. Detroit is for real. The AL is loaded with talent.

6. The Red Sox cannot throw Jon Lester everyday.

7. The Cubs and Reds will compete along with the Cardinals all season long for the division title.

8. The Miami Marlins need to find offense.

9. The Nationals are going to be a tough out this season.

10. Halladay is looking like a Cy Young winner already.

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