100 Seconds with UFC Octagon Girl Kristie Pearson

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100 Seconds with UFC Octagon Girl Kristie Pearson

Yes, we know. Our World of Kandy girls are typically from associated with a country but this month we decided to mix it up as Kristie travels the globe on behalf of the UFC. So, in all fairness, labeling her a World of Kandy girl of her native Australia would not be fair to the fight fans around the globe that have seen Kristie live in person or to her new home, USA. Kristie is truly a World of Kandy girl.

Kristie, let’s talk MMA. What is your favorite MMA move?

Not a move per say, but I love watching stand up fights. Boxing and kickboxing, I think when there’s more movement and more action the fight is fast paced and exciting.

How many different countries have you been to so far on behalf of the UFC?

Well, I started at home in Australia. I worked in Sydney and the Gold Coast. Then I’ve worked in England, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden a few times. Next month I’m off to Poland which should be fun. Then back to Germany and Scotland; I love travelling so it works for me.

Which country or city has been your favorite so far?

I have to say Sydney since that’s where I’m from originally and my friends and family came to watch the show; that was fun. Also Dublin, Ireland, the fans there were ‘next level’ and the atmosphere was crazy.

What has been your favorite fight you have seen in person?

Mark Hunt versus Bigfoot Silva in Australia was a great fight, so much action and really exciting. But my favorite overall event, I loved UFC in Rio Brazil and UFC Dublin, the crowds definitely made the night’s one to remember.

Besides your husband, who are your three favorite fighters to watch?

This is always a hard one for me, I change all the time. But I love watching guys that we know from the gym. It’s always better when you know the fighter and how much the fight means to them.

Is there a written/unwritten Code of Conduct between the fighters and the Ring girls?

I’m not sure; Ross and I were together before I was with the UFC. If there is one I don’t know about it.

Switching topics to your homeland, why does Australia have so many different colors for its money?

It’s so much easier to find what you’re looking for in your wallet! I don’t know the real reason but that’s what I like to think, plus it looks nice.

What city in Australia is closest to San Diego in climate and culture?

The beach life in San Diego is pretty similar to the beaches of Sydney, people seem to be pretty laid back and have a surfing lifestyle like home. But the weather is probably more similar to the Gold Coast of Queensland.

Let’s get to know you on a personal level. If you sang on American Idol what song would you sing?

I have no idea. I would probably get kicked off straight away though, whatever it was. Ha!

If you were to sing though, would you say you are more Mariah Carey or Nicki Minaj?

Love both but can’t rap or sing. Not talented at all musically.

Okay. No music talent. Are you a MAC or PC Girl? iPhone or Android?

Mac and iPhone, for sure! I have degree in graphic design and it got me hooked on macs.

Final question, what advice would you give single guys reading this right now?

Make a girl laugh, be confident and you won’t be single for much longer.

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