12 Valentine's Day Gadgets For Geeks


With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly, it is time to begin thinking about what to get your loved one. Instead of the usual flowers, candy and jewelry, think unique and give the gift of gadgets. The fact is that everyone – women and men – love technology and the tech industry has not disappointed with the array of gadgets that are now available. If you want to purchase something truly unique this Valentine’s Day that will be used year- round, consider the best gadget gifts that are highlighted here.

The Solio Sun-Powered Charger
This is really a “bright” gift idea. With this device the gift recipient will be able to power up their phones, music devices and other electronic gadgets with the power of the sun. The Solio Solar Charger, which retails for under $100 is designed to soak up the sun’s rays and charge anything that has a USB port.

The Android and iPhone File Scanner
Do you have a box of old 3mm negatives taking up space in your closet? Now, with the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner, you can scan all the snaps that you captured with an analog camera and have them uploaded to your smart device. It supports both Android and iPhones and is a unique little device.

The CarAudio Connect AUX Featuring Bluetooth Connectivity
Chances are you already know that keeping it hands free in your car is important for safety; however, with this CarAudio device, you can listen to your music and make phone calls directly from your smart phone, through your car speakers. No more fumbling for your phone or endangering yourself, your passengers or others on the road. This is a great device to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day and will help them stay safe.

Apple TV
If your loved one loves iTunes, then Apple TV is a must-have. With this device you can play back TV shows and movies from the ITunes Store on your HD display. While the media library is not quite as big as Roku, if you already have rich content on your PC or Mac that you are sharing often, such as home videos and photo libraries, then you have definitely met your match with Apple TV technology.

The Fujifilm Instax 210
If you love the nostalgia of Polaroid cameras, then you will love this instant photo camera. With this little device, your Valentine can capture and then develop photos – instantaneously – with the programmed electronic shutter, as well as two different shooting options and a low-light auto flash. Bring back the fun of Polaroid cameras and capture all your Valentine’s memories with this handy camera.
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The Power Wallet Phone Charger
Another convenient device for the gadget lover in your life. This wallet, which sells for under $100, includes a high-capacity battery that is tucked inside the pockets. This charger will work with both Android and iPhone devices.

The Crosley x UO Portable Briefcase Vinyl Record Player
You can add a bit of sparkle to your home with this great looking portable turntable. It is housed in a faux leather briefcase and allows you to hook it up with your existing speakers to create a full sound from your favorite vinyl album.

Romantic Phone Cases
Your smartphone literally acts as your lifeline to the world and work. Yet, for this Valentine’s Day, why not get your paramour a romantic phone case. The good news is this gift is both thoughtful and budget-friendly. A simple browse online will pull of hundreds of varying designs with everything from pink hearts to the timeless words, “I love you” engraved onto the case. Not only does it convey your heartfelt feelings, but it ensures the recipient has increased fortification of their phone in the event of an unforeseen accident! What’s more, there are even romance-invoking laptop sleeves and tablet covers available.

ilogic Sound Hat
This is the perfect gift for the music lover you care about so much. What makes it quite unique is the fact that you get two gifts in one. First off, it is a stylish beanie hat for those cool fall and winter days. Secondly, it plays music from your phone. You no longer have to worry about rings around your ears because this is the coziest way to listen to your favorite music. Not to mention, when your lover is warm, so are you.

Nike Fuelband SE
When you take care of yourself, you are better able to take care of others. What better gift to show the depth of your emotions than the gift of good health. With the Nike Fuelband SE, your valentine can make fitness tracking a breeze. With the Nike Fuelband SE, you track exercises easily to see how well you did. It syncs up with the iPhone, and Android users can sync it to their computers.

Playstation 4
Any serious gamer needs a serious gaming console and that is exactly what the Sony Playstation 4 provides in spades. What could be better than playing games with your best friend and engaging in a little friendly competition all day long. Not only does this mean bonding time, but it also adds to the list of things you share in common. This console was designed solely for video games, which you can clearly see. In fact, any gamer would appreciate the Playstation 4.

Kindle Paperwhite
Recent studies show that blue light emitted from computers and mobile devices negatively affects your sleeping habits. This is why you need to get an avid reader the Kindle Paperwhite. Just think of having immediate access to Amazon’s publications, one of the largest found anywhere. You would be busy reading for years and years just to get through it all. It also doesn’t hurt that the device is lighter than the average paperback while being much easier to read. This is because it comes with a front-lit screen. Sure you could read from your phone, tablet or laptop, but why would you want to when you have a Kindle Paperwhite?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, be unique. Go out on a limb and get your love one of the latest tech gadgets that are highlighted here. Odds are they will love the thought and the fact that you thought outside of the box – of chocolates, that is!

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