Interview by Bob Guiney
Photos by Thuy Tran
HMU Sara Cranham
Stylist Natalia Na’lia
Assistant Stylist Hiromi Oshima

I love that I get to talk to you about all of this! What an Exciting year! So much has happened. This past year you were named a two-time Kandy Girl!! The cover shot was awesome and people really seemed to like it (OBVIOUSLY!). So much that they named you the KANDY Krush of the Year! That’s HUGE! What did you think when they first told you about the Honor?? Were you shocked?
It’s a HUGE honor! I mean there was some tough competition. Kandy only has beautiful and smart women. I think they do such an incredible job on choosing who represents the magazine. I was in shock when they told me – and at the same time I was speechless… And if you know me, that never happens!

In that moment, do you immediately start thinking about the next photo shoot? Hitting every Hot Yoga class in town?
Oh gosh! Well, when they told me they basically said “Hit the gym!” But all is good! I’m obsessed with hot yoga so I continued doing that. And then I decided to hire a trainer to get my booty in the right place. Gotta’ maintain that booty!

Speaking of this photo shoot – you went All American Girl! It’s a beautiful Vargas Girl/pin up girl look! Such an awesome cover pic!! You had to be so happy with it! Was it your concept?
I did get to choose what I wanted but of course it had to be approved by Kandy. I know it was kind of hard for them, because the magazine is very sexy and upscale but I also wanted the pictorial to represent me. So here ya’ go! The All American girl, beer drinking, BBQ, swimming and overall… I just really love our country!! And since it is the July issue, I figured there’s no better way to show love to our great country than by really showing the love! Ron (Kandy Mag creator) should be happy I didn’t pull out my beer pong table!!

We are the Undefeated Beer Pong Champs! Ok. This isn’t your first cover shoot/photo shoot but obviously it’s going to be the BEST so far!! How do you stay looking good? Feeling good for these types of things?

BOTOX!!! and Jack Daniels!!! I’m kidding!!! (kind of)! No, I’m pretty simple when it comes to this kind of stuff. I don’t have crazy rituals before bed at night. I really only have a few things I swear by; that’s the hot yoga that I love to do, and I use FENIX Cosmetics. They’re a great product line that my friend developed and it always keeps my skin feeling good and looking good. That’s really about it. No crazy steamy mud huts while doing a head stand or anything like that.

What was the initial reaction when you were finally able to tell people that you were the Kandy Krush of the Year?? That early picture really got some buzz going online!!
It was actually just announced and it felt so cool to be able to say “I’m the Kandy Krush of the Year!” I’ve never really won a competition like this. It’s such an honor! I really look forward to representing Kandy Magazine and doing all that I can to help spread the word and keep up the high standard that it has already established.

Read the entire interview with Jessica Hall in the July 2014 issue of Kandy magazine available inside the Kandy app on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. Also available for reading on your desktop or laptop computer at http://www.magzter.com/US/Kandy-Enterprises-LLC/Kandy-Magazine/

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