September 2013 Issue – Kandy’s 60 Krushes

You did not vote! We did not count! We chose! You won! See the girls and their photos and why they made the list in the September 2013 issue. Available now inside our app! Download from iTunes or Google Play.

Top 10 Krushes

  1. Irina Voronina
  2. Emily Sears
  3. Rachel Bernstein
  4. Tiffany Toth
  5. Tiffany Taylor
  6. DJ Colleen Shannon
  7. Jessica Hall
  8. Alexa Sandberg
  9. Jessica Cribbon
  10. Tiffany Selby

Krushes 11 – 15
Jennifer England, Katie Lohmann, Tailor James, DJ Laura Cavender, Caitlin O’Connor

Krushes 16 – 20
Shantal Monique, Laurie Young, Sierra Merchant, Niki Ghazian, Jennifer Nicole Lee

Krushes 21 – 25
Lilly Ghalichi, Raquel Rischard, Mindy Robinson, Alysson Holt, Amber Soleil

Krushes 26 – 30
Camille Neeley, Jacqueline Suzanne, Elizabeth Deo, Carissa Rosario, Ashley Ferrara

Krushes 31 – 35
Dominica Westling, Holley Dorrough, Jennifer Irene Gonzales, Bridget Jones, Siobhan McNamara

Krushes 36 – 40
Kristin Morgan, Molly Shea, Heather Shanholtz, Rachel Sterling, Rebecca Witchard

Krushes 41 – 45
Claudia Gestro, Stefanie Blase, Melany Lorenzo, Ana Braga, Kristie McKeon

Krushes 46 – 50
Kourtney Reppert, Samantha Shane, Casie Kimball, Krissa Fowles, Tashia McIntosh

Krushes 51 – 55
Chasity Soules, Jeska Marie Claire, Holly Puska, Amber Andrews, Erika Othen

Krushes 56 – 60
Alisha Olson, Chassidy Luke, Meg Jones, Dee Ferrari, Monique Arce

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