9 Signs She May Be Psycho

They say the hottest ones are usually the craziest, so is that hottie you’ve been seeing waiting to unleash her inner-psycho on you? Check out the crazy-chick check list below:   If you answer ‘Yes’ to 3 or more of them, you might be dating a psycho!

1.  She knows every word to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” (Add an extra point if she sings it outloud in public, such as at karaoke).

2.  She trolls your Facebook page and interrogates you about every and any girl who “Likes” anything.

3.  You aren’t in a committed relationship yet, but she has been asking her close friends how they think her first name sounds with your last name.

Interested in the remaining signs she may be psycho? Pick up issue 7 today here with all the tip offs.

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