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Kandy® is a trademarked, brand-driven company dispensing bite-sized lifestyle and entertainment pieces to men.

Why Kandy

Kandy Magazine – The Classy Man’s Magazine. STOP!!! Who loves Kandy? 141 countries where we ranked #1! Since 2011 Kandy has been the first to uncover the hottest “new talent” and continues to bring you exclusive pictorials of some of the hottest “name girls” being published in the world. Kandy is filled with sweets, lifestyle treats, and sports & entertainment tidbits. Dive into the Candy Bowl of the Bachelor Life.

Who is Kandy

Still on the fence? Look at these cover models from the past: Brande Roderick of Baywatch and Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice fame, Bonnie-Jill Laflin – the only female scout in the history of the NBA for the LA Lakers and a former NFL cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers, Jessica Hall of reality TV’s Kendra on Top,

What about more models on Instagram with over 1 million followers including

Abigail Ratchord, Emily Sears (3 Kandy covers), and Jessa Hinton, fitness model superstar Jennifer Nicole Lee, super glamour models Tiffany Toth, Irina Voronina, DJ Colleen Shannon, Tailor James, Katie Lohmann, Hiromi Oshima, and many more names.

Kandy – It’s What Men Crave! Kandy combines all the features you love in men’s magazines (photos and videos of hot girls, interviews with athletes and stars, fashion and style, gaming, music, gadgets, fitness, cars, nightlife) with social media photo galleries and video blogs.

– Browse our photo galleries of America’s sexiest models, Europe’s hottest girls, and Australia’s most beautiful women.
– Watch our video blogs live from model photo shoots, red carpet parties, and Kandy girls’ game nights.
– Lose yourself in the Kandy girl diaries featuring their hottest stories and social media posts. We’ve taken their snaps, tweets, grams, tubes, posts, and pins and collected them all in one place.
– Party poolside with Kandy’s models in Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Miami.
– Kandygrams – the hottest photos and videos from around the social media sphere.
– Race down the drag strip at 330 MPH, fly high above the motocross arena, go three-wide in Talladega, and hug the tightest figure 8 curves of an IndyCar track as we take you into the pits and out onto the course.

Start discovering the sweetness of life that only Kandy has to offer.

Only Kandy gives you these editorial treats:
+ The Girlfriend Experience – first impressions matter and with the girlfriend perspective on fashion & style & all things for the bachelor lifestyle you will learn it’s all about the right attitude
+ The Geek Experience – Gadgets, Apps,Game tips and all the latest from CES, including home electronics on a budget.
+ The Buddy Experience – Firsthand unbiased “test drive” knowledge from “your boy”; guidance and recommendations on vacation spots, vehicles, real estate, luxury time pieces, home and personal defense, wines and spirits..
+ The VIP Experience – velvet ropes no longer separate you from the hottest women in the hottest clubs

Kandy features the hottest models from around the world, reviews of movies, musicians and albums, video games, gadgets and apps. Our columnists provide tips on health and fitness, fashion and style, and relationships. We preview upcoming car and truck models from manufacturers as well as recap popular auto shows.

Kandy Magazine  delivers up close and personal looks at Model Photo Shoots, Red Carpet Parties, Rock star tour buses, behind the scenes of concerts, inside the locker room and in the pits with professional athletes.

Who loves beautiful women? Kandy readers! Who loves being treated like a nightlife VIP? Kandy readers! Who wants to know what women think? Kandy readers! Well, Kandy delivers all that and more

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To submit photos, articles, and news tips for Kandy Magazine or kandymag.com email kandy@kandymag.com and tell us a little about yourself.

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