American Hustle

Rating: R
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Starring: Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner
Director: David O. Russell
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Genre: “The Sting” With Bell-Bottoms
Recommendation: 4 out of 5 Jennifer Lawrence D-Cups

Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner want to sniff Jennifer Lawrence’s nails. That — and the sex lives of disco-era con men— are at the raunchy heart of the raw and raucous American Hustle, the genre-hopping ABSCAM-sting yarn from David O. Russell (the writer-director of Silver Linings Playbook).

Fans of SLP who’ve popped the question that Russell might be mining Oscar gold again won’t walk away from this Hustle disappointed. It’s a caper-bender that teeters on the brink of collapsing behind the platform heels of bellbottomed Christian Bale, as a brilliant 1970s con artist in Long Island, who’s trapped by the Feds and forced with his cunning partner Amy Adams to play stoolie for wild-and-wooly FBI agent Bradley Cooper. Thrust into the world of Jersey Mafioso’s, and a playboy political op played by Jeremy Renner, the whole circus comes crashing down when Bale’s sexy nutcase wife (Jennifer Lawrence) starts piecing the puzzle of the ABSCAM scandal together, and the grifters’ double-dealing becomes a matter of life or death.

Juicy performances by the whole cast will keep your brain buzzing. Stealing the show for breast fanboys are the bra-free boobs of 70’s hot chicks Adams and Lawrence (who in one unforgettable scene also French kiss), and a cameo-chewing appearance from Lawrence’s SLP co-star Robert DeNiro. The opening title card of American Hustle reads: “Some of this actually happened.” Arriving at megaplexes in time for the Christmas movie rush, and Academy Award consideration, Hustle’s a seductive slice of cinema that will leave your heart feeling the sting.

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