Apple Watch Series 2 – The Mobile Merger of Style, Health and Fitness

The Dick Tracy novelty of raising your wrist and speaking into watch has long disappeared. The newest release of the Apple Watch appears targeted to fitness enthusiasts. Listen, if you are an average Joe who goes to the gym two to three times a week for an hour or less there is no need for you to splurge on the Apple Watch. However, if you are a fitness nut or have health concerns then you may want to consider this beautiful piece of technology.

The all-new Apple Watch Series 2 combines four wearables into a single item – sports watch, activity tracker, health tool and digital assistant. Let’s take a look at some of the wearables features of each.

All-Day Assistant (The basics of a mobile watch)

Messages – Be alerted with a tap, raise your wrist to read the message.

Phone – It works like a phone, you can see who is calling and leaving messages, or give shade to the caller and cover it with your hand to dismiss. Request Siri to return the call later.

Calendar – See invitations, know what’s up next, and get alerts when it’s time to leave for events.

Dock – With the press of a button you can navigate quickly through the apps you use most. Apps launch instantly and stay updated, so the latest Kandygrams are there when you need them.

Siri – Check for new messages or email. Request the song stuck in your head. Raise your wrist, say “Hey Siri,” and start talking.

Beautiful Faces – Put information from your favorite apps on your watch face, so you can see what you need at a glance. Tap to instantly launch an app.

Sports Watch

Built-in GPS –  Record precise distance, speed, and pace while you’re walking, running, or cycling outdoors. Check your iPhone at the end to see a map of your route and where you ran your fastest.

Water Resistant – Water resistant 50 meters so you can leave it on when you’re in the pool or ocean.

Workout App – Choose from 12 indoor and outdoor workouts including swimming, biking, running, and elliptical, then set your goals and get moving. Select up to five metrics to view at once, automatically pause a run, and even mark segments.

Heart Rate Sensor – A custom sensor continuously measures your heart rate while you use the Workout app.

Activity App – Like all daily activities, workouts count toward closing your Stand, Move, and Exercise rings. View a history of your rings on your iPhone to see your performance over time.

Third-Party Workout Apps – Whether you’re into cycling, hiking, or yoga, you can continue using the workout apps you already know and love, and still get credit toward completing your Activity rings.

Health Tool

It can help you be more aware of your overall health by easily monitoring your heart rate, better manage everyday stress, and add apps relevant to your specific habits.

 Breathe App – Animation and gentle taps guide you through a series of deep breaths to keep you centered. Time to Breathe reminders help you practice mindfulness every day.

Third-Party Health Apps

Dexcom G5 – Use Dexcom’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring System to help you manage your diabetes.

Pocket Yoga – Keep up your practice at your own pace as you’re guided through sessions — all you need is a yoga mat.

WaterMinder – Set a daily hydration goal and get reminders when it’s time for another glass of water.

5 Interesting Facts about Hydration

  1. 75% of the American population is in a chronic state of dehydration.
  2. Proper hydration has saved more live than antibiotics.
  3. People who are dehydrated performed just as poor at skills tests as those who were at the legal limit for blood alcohol content.
  4. The body confuses hunger and thirst; leading people to eat more than they should.
  5. People who are dehydrated do not sleep well. They experience greater mood swings, impaired memory and more.

Source: BSX Technologies

Health App on iPhone – All your data in one place. In addition to your heart rate, the Health app stores information collected by all your health and fitness apps. You can customize the dashboard overview or take a closer look at individual metrics to see your trends over time.

Activity Tracker

Activity Rings – Tracks all the ways you move throughout the day. See if you’ve been sitting too much. Track how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned. And aim for 30 minutes of exercise, even if it’s not all at once.

Coaching – Smart notifications help you close your Stand, Move, and Exercise rings every day. Receive regular progress updates which are used to motivate you to pursue new goals.

Activity Sharing – Share and compare your Activity rings with friends and family. Compete to see who can hit their goals first. Receive notifications on your friends’ progress and respond from the notification — whether it’s to send encouragement or a little smack talk (we could have used this a couple years when management took on a weight loss challenge).

Achievements – For each achievement you receive a distinctive badge you can share with friends.

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