April Rose Interview

Interview by Ron Kuchler
Photos by Brian B Hayes
Courtesy Shandrew PR
Reprint July 2013 Kandy

The Kandy team back in Chicago is thrilled that we are featuring one of their own. What makes Chicago special?
Everywhere I go all anyone says about Chicago is how the people are incredible. Laid back, friendly and do not care if you’re sporting last decades fashion…

What would you say is the biggest difference between Chicago and LA?
Chicago is a way of life. You endure the winters because you believe in the city’s passion and integrity for good, real people and their love for real friendships and connections. We’re a team. LA is great, but it is not sweet home Chicago.

Before you discovered your uber hotness you had a couple other careers. Tell us a little about them.
I don’t know if I’d say uber! Ha-ha… I was a crisis counselor in different Chicago E.R.s and worked with children and adults with disabilities for the Morton Grove park district, a suburb of Chicago. A huge difference in what I do now but I know I’ll go back to my previous jobs in some capacity one day.

Our interns in the process of researching you, our interns love research, discovered that you host a Bears show during the football season, DA Bears. What’s it like for you to be around all the testosterone?
BEARS NATION! I love it. I don’t pretend to be one of the guys shooting out facts and stats and breaking down / analyzing offensive lines. That’s their territory. And you’re asking a girl what it’s like to be around big tough guys? That’s my version of Kandy Magazine! Ha!

If you believe the beer commercials you see on television, guys’ minds often wander off to a deserted island when they see a beautiful woman. During player interviews, has your mind ever wandered off to a deserted island?
Ha-ha! You guys are crazy! No … I think girls are different. We need to really know a guy and have a strong emotional connection to get our wandering minds going!

Well, it was worth a shot to see if you took the bait. We saw you recently took up the game of golf. Ready to challenge the men of Kandy in a 2-man / 2-woman best ball round?
The question is, are the men of Kandy ready to be humiliated by the ‘weaker’ sex? It’s on!

If we may pay you a compliment, there are very few women who look equally sexy as a blonde and a brunette. You pull it off. Which do you prefer?
Brunette is definitely more natural, and I think fits me better but I’ve noticed being blonde is a great excuse for forgetting and not knowing things, so I like blonde better. Ha-ha!

April, you have been great! Leave us with 3 things Guys and Women SHOULD know when it comes to dating the opposite sex.
1. A quote to live by: A boy makes his girl jealous of other women; a man makes other women jealous of his girl.
2. If you hide your phone, we will be looking for another who won’t.
3. Chivalry is a way of life, not just the opening of a door.

1. Girls are used to getting all the compliments, remember to remind your man how sexy he is; it goes a long way.
2. There’s no excuse if he disappears for the night, chances are he was up to no good.
3. Don’t freak out and cry if he’s not good at getting gifts and holidays, generally they all suck at it. Ha!

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