ARMA II Zombie Survival Mod DayZ Gaining Popularity

The zombie survival mod to ArmA II has been rapidly growing since the day it was released, and is now over 1,003,400 users. Back at the beginning of July DayZ broke the 400K mark and continued to grow up to over 900K by the end of the month. As of today, there are 1, 003, 491 users, with over 180K joining in the last 24 hours.

The original game, ArmA II: Combined Operations, which is needed to play the DayZ mod, has been growing in popularity as well. The game is in the top 5 of best selling games on Steam. But it is DayZ that has been creating all the buzz over the past month. With over 2 billion zombies killed, 22 million deceased survivors, and the continual growth of the game, it looks like there is no stopping this realistic zombie survival game. Now the only questions is when a DayZ standalone game will be announced.

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