August 2015 Krush Tyler Suess

Kandy Q & A with August Krush of the Month

What would you say was your secret to claiming the crown of Hooter’s 2014 Girl of the Year?

Hard work. It’s not easy to be camera ready every single day or to travel to all of my stores to check on the trainers every single month. (Some of my stores are 4 hours away) You really have to the love concept and know the brand. I truly bleed orange and it shines.

You also were 2013’s Miss Illinois US. What was the biggest challenge in winning the crown?

I really believe in pageants that interview is one of the most important aspects. The winner represents an entire state (or company- depending on which pageant it is) and the judges, sponsors and pageant directors need to feel confident that the have a positive representative. A winner needs to be able to conduct herself in an appropriate manner especially because they do become a role model to many young girls and the face of a brand.

What crown do you have your eyes set on next?

That’s a secret… I haven’t quite decided, but I’m not retiring from my sash wearing days just yet.

What is your favorite part of competing in pageants?

I love to be on stage- it is the biggest rush… I think it was born into me. My mom would lose me in department stores when I was little- only later to find me posing by the mannequins.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

I love that it’s always different- it could be a photoshoot one day, pageant the next, commercial shoot the day after. It never gets boring or repetitive.

Besides modeling, what other talent of yours places you in the front of the camera?

Hosting is a treat… I’ve gotten to meet some of the most awesome people. Models, designers, magazine companies, and athletes are just a few of the interviews I’ve been lucky to snag. Mercedes-Benz swim week was probably one of my favorite events. It’s just fun because nothing is scripted- it’s all live and impromptu.

Off the Cuff

What are your car’s backseat contents?

I don’t have a car right now! It just got totaled by a drunk driver but if I did, it would be a water bottle, snuggie, and a window ice scraper.

 What is one of the goofiest things your friends would say about you? They always tease me about my obsession with frequent flier miles. I need to make gold status so I always try and get as many segments and miles as possible. It really does consume an inappropriate portion of my thoughts. Lol

 What cracks you up?

It’s terrible to say, but I love when people fall. It’s hilarious. I just don’t want them to get hurt.

Last 5 songs you listened to on iTunes

Britney spears -Work B

Dash- Wop

Salt-N-Pepa – Push it

Ciara- I bet

And Kenny Chesney – The Good Stuff

Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?

I’m back in school now, finishing up my bachelor’s degree and eventually would like to have my own show on either the travel channel or HGTV.

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