Australian Model Erin Pash

Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Measurements: 34-26-33
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 115 lbs
Instagram @erinmariepash

We’ve tapped into the Aussie talent pool again and have pulled out a green-eyed stunner this month for you guys. For the last couple years, Erin Pash has been one of the hottest models in Australia. She was crowned Australian Swimwear Model of the Year in 2013. It is easy for us to say that ‘our cup continues to runneth over‘ with Kandy Aussie girls.

Aussie Stunner Q & A
What Aussie beach would you recommend to American guys in their 20’s for the best bikini girl viewing?
Scarborough beach, Sorrento & Trigg beaches in WA (Western Australia).

What Aussie city is your favorite nightlife destination?

What Australian delicacy should Americans make sure they try when they visit Australia?
Kangaroo meat 😉

When it comes to bikinis are you a full-bottomed or thong girl?
Thong for sure.

What do you tihnk of the wave of Australian models heading to America and settling in Hollywood?
Hope they do well but I’d rather stay in AUS close to family.

Any plans yourself to see America?
Maybe just a visit for a holiday or work 😉

Last question, what would you say is the biggest difference between Australian models who stay home and those who leave home and move to America?
Aussies notice the girls who move more once they’ve moved to US I think 🙂

Web Visitors: See all of Erin’s Kandy pix inside the February issue of Kandy, available for download from the Appstore.

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