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Year one of Kandy was a knockout. See below the big names in the modeling and fitness industry who rocked our cover.
Kandy Magazine Jennifer Nicole Lee Bodypaint
Issue 7
Jennifer Lee Nicole

Jennifer Nicole Lee – JNL:JNL kicks off a blockbuster summer for Kandy in a stimulating interview and body paint pictorial.
Kandy Girl of the Month: Chasity Soules: Simon Cowell’s Sexy Admirer is all 3 of our favorite words that begin with the letter S:SINGLE, SEXY, SENSUAL
Kandy Koncierge: Kandy columnists Emily Sears and Niki Ghazian offer up new advice to help your sex and dating life.
Kandy at the Movies:Summer Blockbuster – The Avengers.
KANDY MUSIC:B.o.B., Kimbra, Tank, Godsmack. The Kandy Music Quartet Spotlight along with Jason Mraz’s latest video.
KANDY INDUSTRY 10-SPOT:Stefanie Blase. She is blazing across screens of all sizes and her LA beach side agency is featured on CW’s Remodeled.

Kandy Magazine Tiffany Taylor
Issue 6
Tiffany Taylor

Meet Our New Dreamgirl:With her hourglass figure, college education, and real estate portfolio, Tiffany is man’s dream come true.
Kandy Girl of the Week Ela Pasion: Meet our latest international find, brought to you by photographer Jay Lee.
Kandystand Girls 2.0: The Kandystand Girls are back and sweeter and sexier than ever!
DJ Cobra:He’s the hardest working DJ in America with over 300 live appearances a year!
KANDY MUSIC: New Bands! Old Faces! More Dates! Kandy Music is bigger than ever!!! PLUS we review The Three Stooges (sound effects and all), Prototype 2, and the upcoming 2012 MLB season.

Kandy Magazine DJ Colleen Shannon
Issue 5
Colleen Shannon

She is at the top of the glamour modeling world and the top of the She-jay pyramid! What’s next for Colleen? Find out in her exclusive Kandy Magazine interview.
Kandy Girl of the Week Alexa Sandberg: She has her eyes set on a certain 7 footer and has all the eyes of men in San Diego on her.
Nurse Emily Sears: Australia’s top cover model Emily Sears makes her Kandy Magazine debut with answers to our reader sex and dating ills.
The Girls of Aphrodisiac Ice Cream Tempting Your Taste Buds: Is there a hotter food on wheels service than this? We think not!
KANDY MUSIC: The Boss is back with a new album and it is classic Springsteen! PLUS more Kandy Movie, Video Game, and DVD Reviews.
Kandy Madness: March is a great month to be a guy! We highlight some of the March happenings including SXSW, St. Patrick’s Day, NCAABB tournament, and Spring Training.
Kandy Events: This issue’s nightlife spotlight is on Nader Cheetany with Surrender Nightclub inside the Encore Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Plus, check out the photos and videos of past Kandy Magazine parties in Hollywood. Klassy is on the red carpet with DJ LC Laura Cavender in a classic Klassy interview.

Kandy Magazine Tailor James
Issue 4
Tailor James

SEXY SOPHISTICATION: Canada’s Sexiest Model in an exclusive Kandy Magazine pictorial and interview.
Kandy Girl of the Month Ashley Ferrara: Bright, Blonde & Beautiful – 3 of our favorite words that begin with the letter B.
Sunset Blonde Rachel Bernstein: You know the face, now you know the name. America meet Rachel Bernstein aka Sunset Blonde
Kandystand Girls: What Men Krave and the girls are vampires this issue telling us who their first victim would be.
Sierra Merchant, Amber Soleil, Chasity Soules, Mindy Robinson, Ashae Lauren, Michaela Nyx

Kandy Magazine DJ LC
Issue 3
DJ LC Laura Cavender

Globetrotting Shejay: Small town girl from Texas makes the big time.
Gamer Awards: War time video games Call of Duty: MW3 and Battlefield 3 collect our Best of 2011 Awards.
Erika Othen: No Grumbling about this True Beauty.
Sexiest Artist of the Year: Rihanna takes the crown and Nicki Minaj picks up an award too.
Tailor James: First Date Pointers on wooing the ladies.
Claudia Gestro: Wet naps optional to flip through our Kandy Girl of The Week’s steamy pictorial.
Kandy Bikini Girl:  Heather Shanholtz gives us a rise and tells us what makes her heart race.

Kandy Magazine Katie Lohmann Playboy model
Issue 2
Katie Lohmann

Hollywood’s Red Carpet Queen: Katie Lohmann with oodles & oodles of Skittles.
Caitlin O’Connor: Caitlin takes aim at smurfs.
Janice Michele: Her sweet tooth is just what the Kandy doctor ordered.
Dear Kandy: Divini Rae answers reader mail on dating
Kandy Fitness: Celebrity personal trainer Raul Rodriguez offers great tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Kandy Music: Switchfoot and Rodney Atkins latest albums
Tablet Matchup: The Kindle Fire vs. The Nook Color.

Kandy Tiffany Selby Magazine
Issue 1
Tiffany Selby

Tiffany Selby: Sex, tats tweets & Candy.
Monique Arce: San Diego’s best kept secret is on her way to big things .
Dating Out of Your League: Model Niki Ghazian Offers up a Ten Step Guide .
DJ Erra Spins Heads: Lawyer by day, DJ by night.
Unleash Your Inner Gamer: We review Madden 12 and NCAA Football 12.

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