Kandy Magazine Issue 5

DJ Colleen Shannon

Colleen Shannon

Cover Model: Colleen Shannon

She is at the top of the glamour modeling world and the top of the She-jay pyramid! What’s next for Colleen? Find out in her exclusive Kandy Magazine interview.

Alexa Sandberg Kandy Girl of the Week

Kandy Girl of the Week
Alexa Sandberg

She has her eyes set on a certain 7 footer and has all the eyes of men in San Diego on her.

Emily Sears - Nurse Emily

Nurse Emily Sears

Australia’s top cover model Emily Sears makes her Kandy Magazine debut with answers to our reader sex and dating ills.

Aphrodisiac Ice Cream

The Girls of Aphrodisiac Ice Cream
Tempting Your Taste Buds

Is there a hotter food on wheels service than this? We think not!

Kandy Music


The Boss is back with a new album and it is classic Springsteen!

PLUS more Kandy Movie, Video Game, and DVD Reviews.

Kandy Madness

Kandy Madness

March is a great month to be a guy! We highlight some of the March happenings including SXSW, St. Patrick’s Day, NCAABB tournament, and Spring Training.

Kandy Events

Kandy Events

This issue’s nightlife spotlight is on Nader Cheetany with Surrender Nightclub inside the Encore Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Plus, check out the photos and videos of past Kandy Magazine parties in Hollywood. Klassy is on the red carpet with DJ LC Laura Cavender in a classic Klassy interview.

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