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Models: Are you the next Kandy Girl?  Step 1 is to fill out the form at the bottom of the screen. Add in comments section why you are the next Kandy girl.  Submit a sample of photos less than 5MB to consider for publishing. If we choose to publish you we will be in touch with a request for additional information, photos and a photo release. Important: we do not publish previously released images, this includes other magazines, web sites and social media.

Here are the guidelines for submitting images for consideration to be published in Kandy magazine. (Updated Nov 12th, 2019)

  1. We do not provide compensation for submitted images.
  2. We do provide photo credits to photographers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, pr specialists, etc..  in the magazine masthead as well on the opening page of the published images.

If you wish to submit images please follow these guidelines.

  1. We do not publish nude or sexually gratifying / suggestive images. Implied is acceptable.
  2. Reminder, we do not publish images that have been previously published anywhere and that includes social media, other magazines, other web sites, etc…
  3. If we choose to publish your images we require a photo release signed by both the photographer and the model.
  4. If we choose to publish your images you agree to a 30 day embargo beginning with the publishing date. This means these images may not appear anywhere else except in Kandy magazine for 30 days. The only published images that may appear on social media are those that Kandy authorizes for promotion.
  5. Despite what you may see on our various social media pages Kandy magazine has a specific photography style it publishes. If you are uncertain please save yourself the time and download an issue of Kandy Magazine from one of our apps from the appstore.
  6. That being said, here are a few additional tips: we are no longer accepting models with excessive piercings (nose, lip, eyebrow, etc.), we are not interested in plus size models, minimal tattos are ok.
  7. Here is the photography style we have an interest in publishing – 90’s to early 00’s PLAYBOY (non nude), MAXIM, STUFF, FHM. If you do not know what that is please use Bing to look it online. They provide the most accurate results.

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