Bespoke Post Club Review – Lifestyle Stuff for Men

Bespoke Post is a subscription-based service that targets men who enjoy the experience of getting new “lifestyle” themed things to try each month.  Instead of selling individual products, Bespoke Post offers “boxes” that contain products that change monthly.

I was genuinely excited when my Bespoke Post #BoxOfAwesome arrived!

I received the “copper” box listed as “Bright new supplies for your home bar.”  The set included a set of two very well crafted pure copper Moscow Mule mugs, as any true Moscow Mule lover knows, providing the proper copper glassware is essential to the entire Mule drinking experience.  As a substitute to ginger beer, the box included 8.5 oz. bottle of Fiery Ginger cocktail syrup from Liber & Company which is a combination of fresh yellow ginger and pure cane sugar. The finishing touch of the “copper” offering is a wooden ice mallet and “Lewis bag” which is a canvas sack that was once a staple in 19th-century bars.  It’s meant to be stuffed with cubed ice, which is then pounded by a wooden mallet into tiny shards aka the old-school way to crush your own ice.

The copper box is a fun and useful product! Way to class up my home bar.

The Bespoke Post service is Free to join, you have 5 days to review each new offering and you can elect to skip any box, cancel anytime. Monthly boxes always cost $45, but the average retail of contents is always around $70. For unique brands and products every month without any hassle the Bespoke Post club is a sweet deal!  And it was very exciting to unbox the #BoxOfAwesome!

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