BlueAnt Embrace headphones review: Excellent, natural sound

BlueAnt’s Embrace ‘premium’ stereo headphones retail for $200.

(Credit: BlueAnt)

BlueAnt branches out from its Bluetooth wireless roots with a wired stereo “headset” it calls Embrace. The stylish over-ear headphones include an integrated mic and controls for iOS devices that allow you to make hands-free calls and play, pause, and track-forward audio selections. Although their $200 retail price tag sways toward the higher end of the consumer market, we recommend these over-ear headphones for their robust, well-defined sound and padded comfort.

As far as their design, the Embrace headphones seem to have drawn inspiration from Bowers and Wilkins’ P5 headphones. They have rectangular earcups that are aptly padded and fold flat for storage in the protective faux-leather case. The package also comes with an OMTP adapter.

The extra padding on the curves of the headband gives the Embrace a distinctive look. Though not as ostentatious as the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones, they still command attention when you wear them in public. You can choose to see that as a positive or a negative, but if we had to make a call, we’d say these are decent but not great-looking headphones (the BW P5s are more stylish, but cost more).

Beyond the aesthetics, we jury-tested the Embrace’s fit on a few CNET editors and the consensus is that the headphones feel comfortable and appear well-built for durability, which is what you should expect from headphones that cost $200.

Read the full review to find out what music they’re good for.

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