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New Cannonball Run Record

The New York to Los Angeles Cannonball Record that Ed Bolian, Dave Black, and Dan Huang set in 2013 has just been broken by Arne Toman, Doug Tabbutt, and Berkeley Chadwick. Here’s the amazing story of the fastest cross country drive of all time.

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The People’s Republic of You: What to drive if you inherit a country

OK, let’s say your dictator daddy just died, and he left you with a gazillion dollars, a poorly trained military, and 8.5 million starving subjects. Assuming that the UN is up-to-date on their...

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Super Bowl 51 2018 Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster Commercial Trailer

When the Super Bowl final will be held in Houston, Texas, billions of people around the world are beckend to their TV screens, Mercedes-Benz will once again be present with a film. "Easy Driver" pays...

Pioneer Subwoofer WX70DA
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Pioneer Debuts Digital Bass Control Technology to Improve Bass Quality and Performance in the Car

The thin and flat enclosure offers installation flexibility; designed to easily drop into the hatch or trunk area of most popular vehicles, the TS-WX70DA measures 33-1/2 inches wide x 12-3/4 inches deep x...

2017 Ram Rebel Black Special Edition
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2017 Ram Rebel Black Special Edition

The Ram Rebel Black special edition traces its origin to one of the truck brand’s fastest-selling off-road powerhouses, adapting dark features as a design component. The package is offered with all...