Commish suspends a slew of free agents

Wild Card Playoffs - New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts
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As to players who are on NFL rosters, most if not all suspensions commencing as of Week One have been announced.

A smattering of free agents also have been suspended.

Per a league source, the Commissioner has suspended linebacker Eric Alexander (four games) linebacker Eric Barton (four games), tackle Robert Brewster (four games), linebacker Vinny Ciurciu (four games), linebacker Harry Coleman (one game), defensive end Charles Grant (two games), linebacker Brandon Lang (four games), running back Dominic Rhodes (one year), defensive tackle Pat Williams (two games).

Grant and Williams were suspended as a result of the 2008 StarCaps situation.  Rhodes (pictured), whom many believe should have been the MVP of Super Bowl XLI (sorry, Peyton), likely has seen his NFL career end, given that he won’t be able to play for all of the 2011 season.

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