Early Fall Trend Report

By Rachel Esco

Ready for the season turnover? Maybe not. For many, this in-between period, brimming at the end of Summer before the Fall, can be a confusing transitional time—kind of like the no man’s land of fashion. Annoyingly, we watch as the season alternates from its chilly days to beach weather, switching back and fourth like an indecisive, unpredictable chick who can’t make up her mind! Will it be sandals or boots, long sleeve or short? How do we know we’re wearing the right threads at the right time? To ease smoothly into this irregular season, you can use this trend report to nail-down the latest looks.

Cuban Collar Shirts

Say hello to my little friend, the Cuban collar shirt! As the fashion scene dares you to bare some chest, you’re invited to revisit the retro trend of the 1950s. Except in this case, you’ll be wearing these shirts with a modern edge by pairing them with today’s straight-leg pants and high-top boots. These styles vary from all-black versions to ones with unique prints, which both make great choices for low-key settings. Wear them at casual lounges and relaxed get-togethers, then light up a good ol’ Cohiba and you’re set for greatness!

Rugged Neutrals

As seen on Greg Lauren’s cobblestone runway, the rugged worn-in look is the thing to wear.  Showing shirts made from all types of rustic materials, including homespun linens and hand-dyed hemp, the trend is all about appearing effortlessly masculine. All the colors should remain neutral; you can choose from brown, beige and even greyish green—the idea is to keep the tones natural and organic. As part of this trend, you’re also encouraged to wear military-inspired pants with pockets and buttons, keeping true to the theme of rugged manliness.

Baseball Caps

What was once known as a lazy cover-up for a bad hair day is now one of the most prominent fashion trends today. Ironic! Now revered as an accessory of luxury and style, the baseball cap has become the beloved trend of all the top dog fashion kings, Versace, Ferragamo, Balmain, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. You can make the baseball cap work for all types of outfits, from pub night attire to luxury wear. Find ones in fine leather for a more upscale look, while versions made with canvas or cotton offer a more casual vibe.

Slip-on Shoes

Known as the shoe of lazy middle-aged millionaires and rich boat-owners, the slip-on shoe is style at your feet. It also happens to be this season’s go-to fashion footwear. Yet, as a trendy twist, the trend is to wear versions that deviate from the typical leather design. Go for ones with interesting textures or add-ons such as colored outsoles or gussets. When you find the perfect pair, slip on those puppies before your big boy’s night or your date with girl number two on the rotation. Enjoy, buddy!


Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, scarves are among the most popular accessory for men this season. We’re talking about all kinds of textures, colors and patterns, letting you mix and match to create the look that works for you. You can even combine printed scarves with printed shirts, but for the stylishly challenged, this task may prove difficult.

Being able to master the art of coordinating two patterned items at once is a rare talent. These guys have a natural eye for visual appeal and instinctively know what looks good. For beginners, it’s usually safe to coordinate dark colored patterns with light ones. Another strategy is to combine bold, complicated patterns with subtle ones. Experiment with different combinations until one feels right.

Image: American Apparel Cuban Collared Shirt

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