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Welcome to Pandemic World! What a crazy month and a half or more it has been in the world. Could you in your wildest imagination ever foreseen something as evil as what is destroying the world? And, we are not talking about the virus attacking the health of its citizens. We are talking about the economic disaster it has caused worldwide. We hope that this double issue of Kandy will provide you with a little lift in the spirits.

Bethany Giura Kandy magazine cover

Cover girl Bethany Giura has in a short period of time amassed more than 750,000 fans on Instagram. She has graced the covers of international men’s magazines and we are thrilled to be her US magazine cover debut.

Accompanying Bethany inside this month’s issue are a few of the celebrities that have appeared in Kandy. We share with you April Rose’s July 2013 feature for the first inside the new Kandy digital platform. We bring back Ashley Massaro’s final magazine pictorial and interview before her unfortunate passing. Finally, one of our all-time favorite Kandy girls and celebrities, Bonnie-Jill Laflin and her second Kandy cover feature with an insightful interview covering the NBA, NFL, and horse racing.

And since it is Spring that means sports are at the top of our male minds. But when is sports never at the top our minds? We offer up our annual outrageous NFL mock draft and preview what a 2020 MLB season may look like due to the pandemic.

With movie theaters and concert halls closed, we review a couple streaming programs and a documentary on the European hip-hop culture.

We complete the issue with odd and ends pieces looking at the latest Apple gadgets, Lego Lamborghini toys, and ideas to keep you occupied if you are quarantined. Then, once your dating life resumes, a great peace on how to take your personal attraction from a six to an eight on a date.

Enjoy and let us hope by June we have conquered the hidden enemy.


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