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Photos: Aaron Riveroll
Hair & Makeup: Rokael Lizama
Coral swimsuit courtesy of Have Faith Swimgerie
We interviewed Emily for the first time in 2012. Enjoy.

There is a saying in sports, Go where the ball, or puck if you are playing ice hockey, is going, not where it has been. Guys, do you want to know what women really think? We mean, what REAL women think. Women who are not interested in playing games and are interested in guys who love and respect women. Read this interview. Emily tells you exactly where the ball is going and the quickest way to get there.

Where are you originally from?
I am from Melbourne, Australia.

What US city would you compare it to?
It’s really unlike anywhere in the USA that I have been to, although I have heard that it is similar to Chicago. Melbourne has tram cars like San Francisco so I felt at home there!

What has been your best experience so far since coming to the US?
I have had so many amazing experiences so far that I can’t even count, and it’s just the beginning! Everything from going to Lakers and Chargers games, hanging out on Super Bowl Sunday, seeing the Statue of Liberty, road trip to the Grand Canyon. There are so many amazing experiences to be had in the USA! Then there are the work experiences such as working with Snoop Dogg, front row at the Jay-Z / Kanye West concert, a campaign for NAVEN which has a huge celebrity following, and meeting Hugh Hefner and Pamela Anderson at the Playboy mansion.

There are so many crazy experiences I have had here! I have met a ton of celebrities through work which is fun, but standard when you live in LA. Outside of work, I have met a few people in America who have changed my life and those are the people who make my experiences here unforgettable. There are too many experiences to pick one that has been the best, but the best people know who they are.

When friends visit from Australia, where is the one place they want to go?
Everyone wants to go to Disneyland, because it’s the happiest place on Earth! We don’t have a Disneyland in Australia so everyone gets to fulfill their childhood dreams when they first go to Disneyland. I love getting to be the one to take my friends for their first time, because I know they will never forget it.

What is the Aussie view of America (leave our dumb politicians out of it!)?
A lot of mainstream television dramas are exported from USA to the rest of the world so a common misconception is that it is like what you see in the movies. There are certainly times where I think to myself “this is just like the movies” but, in all honesty, it is so much more.

Do you have the acting bug?
I enjoy acting as a break from print modeling. I have appeared in a number of TV commercials and music videos. As far as theatre or feature films go, I’m not sure I have the patience or passion for acting enough that I could dedicate a year of my life to a project like a feature film. I have so much respect for actors who truly love their craft and are passionate enough to work hard at it. It’s a tough industry to break into.

How did you get your start in modeling?
I started modeling about 4 years ago just on a whim. I thought to myself that I would love to be on the cover of a magazine so I did some research as to who were the best people to shoot with in Australia. Luckily, when I contacted them, they took me on and that shoot sold as my first cover. My great aunt was 1956 Australian model of the year and was discovered by Helmut Newton, so the idea of being a pin up had always appealed to me. I want my grandkids to look at my photos when I am old and say, Wow! Grandma was hot! Just like I did with my great aunt.

How many covers have you been on in Australia?
I have had 14 covers in Australia so far, with more upcoming.

What was your most unusual photo shoot ever?
I did a shoot for ZOO WEEKLY AUSTRALIA where we recreated famous sporting moments in history. The scene we recreated was of a famous rugby match where the players were soaked in mud. I had to stand in the middle of the studio while makeup artists emptied an entire bucket of cold mud on my head. It was horrible but the pictures looked great so it was worth it!

So, we could not help but notice that you have a few tattoos. What are they and any special meaning?
Yes, I have a few small discreet tattoos which all have personal significance to me. The most noticeable one is the Alice in Wonderland illustration on my wrist. The illustration is from my favorite chapter in the book and is a reference to a passage in that chapter which is of great significance to me.

Alice had some wild travels. Where is your favorite place in the world?
Paris, Barcelona and Japan during cherry blossom season.

Where is the one place in the world that you want to visit?
There are so many places I want to see. The more you travel, the more you realize what you haven’t seen! I still need to get to India, Greece, Italy and Brazil!

Where would you say are the nicest people in the world?
Australian people are honestly the nicest people in the world. I may be biased but I love being Aussie and am proud to come from a nation of people who always back the underdog and always look out for their mates in a genuine, down to earth and practical way.

Australia is known for its surfing. Do you surf?
I used to surf when I was younger but it has been a long time so I am sure I am a little rusty. I love being in LA because there is still that surf culture that I grew up with in Australia. I will have to go down to Malibu and take some refresher lessons!

Let’s mix it up a bit. Who would you say can drink more: Aussie women or American men?
I’d have to say American men, only because the drinks are a lot stronger here. Also, I am a lady so I don’t like to get too messy when I am out. I can have a few drinks and let my hair down, but you won’t ever see me walking barefoot and carrying my heels, got to keep it classy!

Is beer served warm or cold in Australia?
In Australia, the weather is hot and the beers are cold.

American’s love their fast food and pizza. What do Aussie’s love?
Aussies love meat pies, it’s football food. We have Australian Rules football which is very different to American football. At the stadium we eat pies that are filled with mince meat, it might sound gross but every American I have met who has tried one loved it! We also love Vegemite sandwiches and Tim Tams, which are an amazing chocolate cookie.

What is the #1 sport in Australia?
Australian Rules football and cricket are the biggest, and rugby and soccer are also popular.

Do Aussie’s enjoy American sports such as football and baseball?
Aussies are sports fanatics and can usually get into any sports; out of all the American sports, I’d say that basketball is the most popular. American football is very hard for Australians to follow because of the constant stopping and starting in the game. It makes it hard to follow because Australian Rules football is continuous. Also, Aussie footballers don’t wear any safety equipment, just shorts and a tank top, and the game is full contact! The players punch each other on the field!

So, are you saying Aussie men are tougher than American men?
This is really difficult to answer, because they are both so different. I would have to say Australian men are tougher on the exterior because it’s not really in Australian culture to complain or express feelings. However, sometimes the strongest thing you can do is tell someone how you feel so it’s a matter of perspective as to who is tougher. I’d definitely say that American men tend to take a more traditional role in relationships with women here. Australian men seem to look at relationships from a more equal perspective; there are pros and cons to both.

Care to elaborate on dating differences?
American men are a lot more forward when they are pursuing a woman. Aussie men don’t really have egos, they are more down to earth in that respect and dating over there is a lot more casual. It is nice to be wined and dined but I think Australian men might not have all the fancy dinners laid out to catch you. But, in Australia, your word means everything so you can count on an Australian man’s word, it’s his reputation!

What qualities do you personally look for in a guy?
In men, I am attracted to strength, it may be physical strength which is nice but these days strength of character, ethics, morals and conviction is far sexier to me.

How is dating in LA different than back home?
Dating here is a lot more formal, and in Australia I feel it is a lot more genuine. There is too much wining, dining and shopping involved here too, where it is hard to establish a connection that exists outside the fantasy land and works in reality. I prefer to get along with someone who I am comfortable being myself with than to play the part in fancy dates and bottle service.

What’s your best first date ever?
The best first dates involve good conversation and should naturally flow from the connection between you and your date in the first place.

Worse date ever?
The ultimate turn off on a date is when men are rude to wait staff. It’s embarrassing and reveals a lot about a man’s insecurities if he has to pick on wait staff to make himself feel important. A real man should aim to make everyone in the room feel good about themselves, and then his date will feel good about herself for getting to be the one on a date with him!

When a guy approaches a beautiful woman such as you, what is the one thing he should notice before he opens his mouth?
That I am a person.

How would you compare Aussie women and American women?
Australian women are very easy going and not as competitive. It’s hard to answer questions like these without getting too deep but I think that part of being Australian is to be comfortable in your own skin and accept who you are. American women are very driven which is a great thing, however the byproduct of that can be a lot of unhealthy comparisons and competing. When we compare ourselves to others we only stress ourselves out because we are aiming for an unattainable benchmark.
I think it’s best when you are your own yardstick and measure your success in terms of your own goals and pace. Materialistic goals and achievements are nice, but don’t fulfill us in the long run. I think Australian women are comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to stand up for themselves, we are just a little more laid back.

Okay, fair enough. Settle this inner office bet between a couple interns then. Who are better kissers, American men or Aussie women?
In my experience, the best kiss I have ever had was between an American man and an Australian woman, so I will leave it at that!


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