Event highlights iPad stands, robots and other gadgets

Despite the release of Amazon’s new Kindle Fire and the success of Microsoft’s Kinect, Seattle at it’s core is very much a software town. That’s kind of why we were interested in a new event Wednesday night in Seattle’s Sodo district.

The free event, hosted by Seattle tech guru Chris Pirillo, will feature four gadgets built by Seattle area entrepreneurs which are now being highlighted on the Kickstarter funding site. They range from robots to iPad stands to a new way to keep track of your mobile phone cords.

“I think the idea has the potential to grow and gain more attention for Seattle’s indie creators,” Pirillo tells GeekWire. “In other words: not every success story needs a VC. Mechanisms like Kickstarter allow better ideas to grow organically.”

We’ve already written about two of the projects, including TechStars’ grad and robot maker Romotive and the iPad screen top keyboard TouchFire. But two of the other gadgets, CableKeeps and PadPivot, are new to us.

You can see each of these projects in action on KickStarter.

Here’s the pitch for PadPivot, which has raised $190,352 from 4,823 backers on KickStarter.

And the pitch for CableKeeps, which has raised $37,498 from 1,061 backers on KickStarter.

And the pitch for TouchFire, which has raised $60,366 from 887 backers on KickStarter:

And the pitch from Romotive, which has raised $89,401 from 900 backers on KickStarter.

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