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How do I get the KANDY app?
You can download the app from Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for Android.

What do I get with app?
The app allows you to download and view issues of KANDY magazine. At this time, you can purchase single issues and subscriptions within the app.

What editorial content is included in the KANDY Android phone and tablet editions?
The Android phone and tablet edition contain everything in the digital magazine, from cover to cover, with enhanced audio, video, and image files.

Will the app run on my iPhone or iPad?
Yes and No. You will have to download the Kandy app from iTunes to read Kandy on your iPad and/or iPhone.

How am I notified when the latest issue is available to download?
When you open the KANDY app, it’ll tell you if there’s a new issue ready for download. You can also get update notices from the Google Play or the Amazon Appstore when new issues are available.

Can I share issues I purchased from my app with a friend?
No, sorry—not at this time.

Can I subscribe to the Android edition of KANDY?
Yes, you may purchase subscriptions from within the app.

How much does the KANDY app cost?
The app itself is free. Once you have it, you can purchase single issues for as low as $2.99.

Single-Issue Purchases

Can I purchase back issues of KANDY on my Android tablet or phone?

Still have questions?
I have a question that wasn’t addressed in the FAQ. How can I reach someone?
For any other questions, comments, and issues, please email us support@kandymag.com.

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