Gadgets That Turn Your Mobile Phone Into a Professional Imaging Device

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Fly-X3: The Handy Motorized Phone Stabilizer

Amateur Problem: Mobile phones video handshake, you are a nervous Willy.

Solution: The Fly-X3, a handheld device you clamp your phone into and delivering the smoothest videos around. The Fly-X3 fits phones between 2.25″ and 3″ wide, so phablet owners you are going to have to wait.

The Pocket Reflector: A Go-Anywhere Light Bounce

Amateur Problem: Your girlfriend complains and complains about her selfie lighting.

Solution: The Pocket Reflector, a light reflector that folds up and fits into your back pocket or your girlfriend’s purse. Just hold it opposite of your girl and bounce light right back at her; white side for soft, natural light and silver side for bright, concentrated sunbeams. If she is blonde, remind her it only works in daylight so she can’t use it later that night out at the club or bar.

 Nova, A Wireless Pocketable Phone Flash

Amateur Problem: Your girlfriend complains and complains about her selfie lighting when she is inside.

Solution: Nova, A Wireless Pocketable Phone Flash that wirelessly syncs to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth to give you the perfect color and brightness.

 Sony QX Lenses

Amateur Problem: You think you are a professional photographer and your friends are too nice to remind you that the only photos you have taken in your life are from your mobile phone.

Solution: The Sony QX lenses which attach to your camera and deliver DSLR quality images. The QX30 has 30x optical zoom and the QX100 has a 1-inch, 20.2 megapixel sensor, up to f/1.8 aperture (perfect for low-light) and 10x optical zoom.


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