How To Use Kandy App

Initial Launch

Upon launching the Kandy app, and depending upon your level of access, a Screen will preload. To close the screen, tap the X in the upper right corner of the screen.

Across the top of the app screen you should see

  • Menu Icon in the upper left corner –details below
  • The app name or icon
  • Recycle icon – refreshes the app, recommend tapping every new app session
  • Filter icon – control how magazines appear on screen
  • Search icon – enter any search term for a content match inside the app. For example, enter ‘bikini’ and only magazines that match bikini will appear on the screen.

At the bottom of the app screen are links to

  • Magazine
  • Library
  • Articles
  • Account

The Magazine screen displays a current list of the magazines available in the app.

The Library screen displays a list of magazines you are entitled to downloading.

The Articles screen displays FREE content consisting of models’ photos, videos, columns and opinions, social media posts, and podcasts.

The Account screen links to your Kandy account you registered outside of the App store.

Menu Screen

The following links provide you information and actions

  • About this App – a quick overview of the app and links to our social media pages
  • Visit Us – link to our web site
  • Subscribe – quick link to subscription options
  • Restore Purchases – reactivates any App store purchases
  • Contact Us – send our support team email for assistance
  • Rate Us – Tap to rate our app 5-stars in the app store and leave a kind word or two
  • Terms of Service – the terms you agree to by using the Kandy app
  • Privacy Policy – our policies regarding protection your information
  • Videos – a collection of videos (not available in all countries)

The bottom section of the Menu screen contains links to magazine categories. These links are constantly updated. The Default setting is All Categories which displays all the magazines. The sub-categories will only display magazines which match the sub-category. To return to a screen to view all the magazines, tap All Categories.

In the bottom left corner of the Menu screen is a Log In for print and external digital customers.

Magazine Screen

The magazine screen has several sections.

The main section of the Magazine screen consists of

  • Marketing banners
  • Preview Information for subscription plans
  • Featured Magazine Categories
  • List of Magazines

Marketing Banners

Depending on the number of the banners, it may be a single static banner or an inventory of rotational banners. Tapping on the banners will provide additional information or link out to an advertiser.

Preview Information

Located directly below the marketing banners is information on the different subscription plans. Tap the preview text for complete information on all subscription plans and the details.

Subscription Screen

Marketing banner, side menu subscribe link, or the Preview Info section will load the subscription screen.

  • 3 Subscription options will pre-load
  • Subscriptions with a Paid Trial period will display the length and total price in a red banner. Upon completion of the trial, the regular subscription price is applied unless cancelled prior to the end of the trial period
  • The most popular and best-value subscription plan is the All-Access plan. For a flat fee, subscribers receive access to every digital edition, dating back to 2011.
  • Existing subscribers who have registered their email with us may use the Log In link at the bottom of the screen to access private issues.

Featured Magazine Categories

These categories are constantly modified and updated. A listing of all the magazines in a specific category may be accessed one of two ways.

  • Magazines may be lightly swiped to the left to see additional monthly titles
  • As noted in the Side Menu section, you may tap on the sub-category which will populate the screen with magazines only in that category. To navigate, use your fingers to gently scroll up and down the device screen. Upon viewing all the magazines using this method, tap All Categories from the side menu to restore the Default screen view

Previewing Magazines

Once you tap on a magazine cover, a Preview screen for that issue will load. Depending on the digital edition and the device the following will display

  • Magazine pages thumbnails
  • Subscribe, Price Tag, Download Buttons
  • The Title of the Edition
  • The Categories the edition is assigned
  • A Description of the contents of the issue.

To preview the issue, tap the magazine cover. Swipe the preview pages left or right to see additional pages.

Upon completing the preview pages, you may tap the X in upper left corner of the app screen to close the preview or tap the Purchase / Download link in the upper right corner to Read the digital edition.

To close the magazine preview, tap the X in the upper right corner. To purchase, tap the Subscribe button or Price tag button.

For information on a specific issue, tap on the magazine cover.

Magazine Inventory Section

Located beneath the Featured Categories is the entire inventory of Kandy magazines available inside the app. The viewing and purchasing instructions are exactly the same as listed above for Previewing Magazines.

Reading a Full Magazine

Once you have subscribed or purchase a digital edition, tap the download button. Depending on the device your navigation will vary. Depending on the digital edition, iPad readers may rotate the device for a double page spread view.

Mobile Device Readers

To simplify use, most magazine features are contained to a single page. To read or view, swipe up or down on the device’s screen.

To view the next feature, swipe left or right. You may also double tap the app screen and a listing of pages will appear across the bottom of the app. Swipe left or right to view the pages. Tap on the page you wish to read next.

Zoom in for a closer look – use two fingers to pinch the screen and zoom in for a closer look at the text and imagery.

Rotate to get up close and personal – rotate the screen to zoom in on text and images. This is the best method to view horizontal images on a screen.

Double tapping a screen will also reveal a hidden top menu with search, bookmark and other icons.

To use search, tap on the search icon and tap in the content you wish to find. For example, to find blonde models, type in blonde. Search will return a result from within the issue of all pages that match the search term.

To save a favorite page or feature, tap the bookmark icon. It is now saved.

To access more hidden features, tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choose one of these features from the sub-menu.

  • Share – share the screen
  • Notes – add your own custom Notes to the screen, see your list of notes or edit your notes
  • Show Bookmarks – display the pages you bookmarked inside the magazine
  • Show Highlights – coming soon
iPad Readers

Many of the Mobile Device readers’ features are available to you as well. The iPad magazine inventory is a combination of digital replicas and mobile device reflow editions.

Reflow editions will zoom in on content when you the iPad is placed in horizontal model.  In portrait model, the content will display in its normal state.

Digital replicas display content in a normal print magazine layout when in horizontal mode. Rotating the iPad to portrait (vertical) model will display a single page. As in reflow edition, iPad users may user two fingers to pinch and zoom the content.

Just Fans Edition (KANDY 360)

  • Available only to active subscribers
  • Access is limited to active subscriptions
  • Once subscriptions expire, access is terminated
  • Currently, a stand-alone digital edition
  • Migration in process to the ARTICLES screen

What is Just Fans  / KANDY 360?

A collection of Kandy models photo galleries and features in a single location.

View over 100 Kandy girls and 200 photo galleries and features without having to download the entire previous magazine.

Simple and easy to use navigation screens

  • Search using popular Magazine categories – Cover Girls, Krush of the Month, Kandystand, World of Kandy
  • Search by type – blondes, brunettes, swimsuit models, lingerie models, celebrities
  • Search by top names – Emily Sears, Abigail Ratchford, Lindsey Pelas, Rachel Cook, Irina Voronina, Jessica Hall, Tiffany Toth, Ciara Price, Katie Lohmann, Marissa Everhart, etc…
  • Watch videos from photo shoots

Library Section (coming soon)

The next app update will unveil this section. It is a list of magazines that you are entitled to based on your purchased and registration status. More details once the section is live.

Articles Section

Here you will find a listing of Free or Restricted opt-in content.

  • To download opt-in content, you must have a registered account.
  • To view content, tap on the image thumbnail.
  • Depending on country restrictions, some content may not load.

Once the content loads you have multiple options.

  • To close the screen, tap the X in the upper left corner.
  • To share the content the arrow in the upper right corner and choose your sharing method that appears on screen.
  • To view similar content, scroll down the screen till Related Articles appear.
  • Tap on the Related Article to view.

As is the case with magazines, Articles have assigned categories.

  • To see all the available categories, tap the Menu icon in the upper corner.
  • Scroll down the side menu until the categories appear.
  • Choose your category.
  • Return to the side menu to view articles in other categories.
  • Once you are finished viewing by categories, tap All Categories from the side menu to restore default view.

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