Ildiko Ferenzci



 Hometown:  Vancouver, Canada

Measurements: 34-24-35

Height: 5 “6

Weight: 110

Hair Color Chocolate 

Eye Color: Grey 

Where are you from originally? 

I’m a European mixture, mainly Hungarian. I’m a First Generation Canadian that was born in the most beautiful city in the world; Vancouver! 

 What is the heritage of your name? It doesn’t seem like a typical Canadian name.

Haaaa. I get that question a lot! Ildiko is a historical Hungarian name.

Does it have any special meaning in Hungarian?

Check this out! Not only does the name “Ildiko” have a rad meaning… Ildiko was also the name of “Attila The Huns” gothic princess bride!

Now here is the rad part! “Ildiko” means “fighter”, “fierce warrior”!!! From a young age I knew I had to live up to such a powerful name. My mom told me she chose a very special name that will define the kind of person I will be throughout my life. At times I felt like throwing in the towel when things got tough, but with a name like “Ildiko” I knew when life threw punches and pushed me down…I had to fight back and get up! Giving up is NOT an option for me, PERIOD!

I had to work unbelievably hard, sacrifice, and do things I didn’t enjoy to get to where I wanted to see myself. And through this crazy journey of mine my name had a tremendous influence on me…Dreams don’t just happen, we create them! And I’m so grateful for my name.

Have you ever been to Hungary? If so, what city or town was your favorite and why?

I have! I go every couple of years. I love Hungary! It is rich with history and surrounded by “fountains of youth” the famous healing springs.  My favourite place to visit in Hungary is Budapest! I love the people, the sights, the dining, the history, the spas. I fall in love with the city every time I go there.

 Why the nickname Spicy Little Pepper?

Oh hahaha. That’s an interesting story. Ok here it goes. When I was three years old I started Hungarian folk dancing halfway through the year. Only a few months in, it was time for the dance groups big yearly performance. I wanted so desperately to preform “the pillow dance” in the show! I begged and begged to be included….After some persuading I was performing on stage with the bigger and older kids on the big night!

Near the end of our number I made a rather large error in my steps and decided to wing it. The audience laughed and clapped. As the other kids bowed and excited the stage. I stayed as the audience as they clapped and laughed harder. After taking this in, I looked the audience in the eyes, wound back my pillow and hurled it as hard as I could at the crowd. Satisfied with my action I pranced off stage with my head held high.

Back stage my mom ran to me, grabbed me by the shoulders and asked me why I did that. I told her “Mommy!!! They laughed at me because I made a mistake!” She laughed and explained it was because I was so cute and stole the show with my spicy little attitude. After that night I acquired the nickname csípős kis paprika  “spicy little pepper” after the famous Hungarian spicy pepper used to cook with. The peppers are little but they have such a powerful punch, just like me!

If you have all the money in the world, what type of car would you get?

My dream car is La Ferrari. I love Ferraris! I actually just bought a black and red Ferrari race chair for my office! It’s incredible!!! I have freaking Ferrari race seat in my house!!! This is the perfect collectors piece for someone that has everything!!  Check out & use coupon code “if” for 10% off everything in the store. It’s seriously the dopest conversational piece for your office.

What has been the best moment of your career so far?

I Seriously can’t say one experience has been better than the other I have met and connected with so many amazing and talented individuals on my journey in this industry from “A” listers like Matthew McConaughey to “up and comers”… it has all been such a valuable collection of beautiful moments that are mine forever. These gifts  continue to build the woman I am, and I would not trade it for anything in the world. Every single moment is precious and priceless to me…and I truly feel grateful and blessed.

Are you ever compared to any famous actresses?

People have told me I look like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Penelope Cruz, I’ve even been told I looked like Sandra bullock by Jeremy Piven! That was interesting. I’m flattered to be compared to all these super stunning woman, but I don’t really see the resemblance. I think I have an extremely unique and exotic look and I’m happy being me!

 What do you love most about Vancouver, except your family?

Oh man!!! Where do I start?!? I have traveled to some of the most amazing places all over the world, and to this date Vancouver is one of the most gorgeous cities I have ever seen. Nothing beats the combination of the ocean, mountains, and city view.  Just a short drive away we have Whistler one of my fave ski resort destinations, and in the opposite direction we have the Okanogan filled with lake resorts and award winning wineries. When I have free time I love to roll up there and chill at Sparkling Hill resort.

Vancouver is a place everyone should visit in their life time… I promise you will fall in love with the sights and lifestyle of this beautiful, healthy, and luxurious water front city! I feel so blessed to live here! Nothing beats flying home from my beloved Los angles and sucking in that first lung full of Vancouver’s pure oxygen!

What do you love most about the world of acting? 

I love working on both film and television! As an Actress / producer I strive to work with filmmakers and other artists that believe, like i do, that movies are the most enduring and accessible part of our culture. It’s why I love what I do and desire to work on productions that have the power to  impact,  influence and  change the world for better.

International Movie Data Base

What do you love most about Los Angeles?

I love Los Angeles!!! The energy is electric and passion filled!!! I have met some of the most wonderful and brilliant people I now call my best friends.

Los Angles has given me so many amazing experiences from red carpets, events, parties, dining, shopping, fundraisers, to discovering some of the most memorable places I’ve ever visited. I love Hollywood history and am always drawn in by the stories I learn about the amazing places I have the opportunity to visit.

I’m so lucky to have been blessed to be able to work with some of the most talented artists, producers, photographers, entrepreneurs, and directors in my own back yard; Vancouver!!! It’s so cool to find out the people I adore the most on set are from one of my all time favourite places…LA!

What’s the sexiest thing about men for you?

Haaa I have a list of things!!! First, his mind!!! This little nerd loooves smart nerds that can teach me new business tricks! I love business and love the stories of failures and success. I can relate, and love the journey of struggle and payoff.

Next qualities …spontaneity, thoughtfulness, drive, creativity, persistence, inner strength, and a great sense of humour! The thing that means the world to me is deep passionate mind stimulating conversation…and surprises!  😉 I love a man that I can imagine being my partner in crime to take over the world with…to  create a positive impact that will creat waves of positive motivation to cause everyone around us to be the best that they can be. Surrounding myself with the people that push, motivate, believe, in me and inspire me to be better…that’s huge in my books!!!

What advice would you give to new comers in the modeling / acting world?

You need to have thick skin, a whole lot of persistence, creativity, and oooooze with passion!!!! Never do anything for attention, do it because you love it and can not breath without it!! I was told I could never model because of my hight! And here I am modelling when I shouldn’t be and booking some of the biggest film and tv series that have hit screens!

I break every rule and will continue to do so! In the begining of my career the word “no” broke my heart. Soon after, the word “no” meant “maybe” to me! I knew I had to work my bunz off and get spicy to get what I believed was mine.

I hope my career and business ventures inspire other women and young girls to follow every single one of their dreams!!! That is what I need to put out there!!! I want people to be inspired and think “if iLDIKO did it with all those obstacles in her way…I can do anything I set my sights on as well!” ~That is what I want!!!

 Could you share a quote that truly inspires you?

I absolutely can!

“Maybe it might not be me that touches a million people, but maybe I’ll touch that one that’ll touch a million.”

-Mask Charles Lewis

What is your number one goal for 2015?

2015 = Kill It! I have so many amazing things coming my way for 2015! From film opportunities, designing, a reality show, startups…the list goes on. 2015 is the year to take it all!!! I’m opening the door and welcoming all opportunities.

 Any New Year’s resolutions?

Yes. I have decided to take a trip of a lifetime. I am going to put everything down…disconnect my computer and phone for a minute as I fully connect with myself and the ones I love. I won’t jeopardize missing a single second of this journey. This will be a trip to remember! I will take this priceless experience, use it as inspiration and creative amo for my upcoming projects!

Tell us why you chose to stay all natural?

I’m very proud of the fact that I kept my body all natural. I never realized how valuable the choice to stay natural was. I was talked out of getting my breasts augmented in my late teens by an agent.

Staying natural  was the best decision I could have ever made for myself and my film career…Now a days you can buy perfection, but natural perfection is priceless! Ask any agent, fashion industry professional, even billionaire…They want what money can’t buy.

It’s crazy how many feature films set out to cast natural perfection. Natural beauty is becoming a rare thing now a days!!

I’d like to be an example for girls and women to hold on to their natural beauty.  It’s the mind and personality that the world falls in love with… It’s a woman’s confidence, the way she carries herself, thinks, and the way she looks after her body and health. That in my opinion is the sexiest things about myself and other women.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Hmmmmm I guess you can say I have a few… starting a business at 13, being an honours student, gracing pages of magazines world wide, booking feature films and tv shows, designing, mentoring young woman, and judging some amazing pageants such as miss world Canada and Miss Washington USA (fingers crossed she wins Miss Universe)

The one achievement that may surprise you. Is that I am the first woman in Canada to found an architectural concrete company….Boom! I bet you didn’t expect that.

What are you working on presently? 

Presently I’m working on & supporting some amazing projects you need to check out!! a personalized audio greeting card voiced by your favourite celebrity with 100% of the profits going to charity. Lessons and advise from the worlds most successful entrepreneurs

“if LUXURY SWIMWEAR” @ifLUXURYSWIM this amazing private luxury line is actually looking for new faces for their luxury destination shoots and fashion shows!

I can’t talk about it yet, but watch for me on one of the hottest reality shows come next year. In addition to that I’ll be part of some really exciting projects with Jesse Harris and the team of Vancouver’s “Billionaires Reach”!

Where can fans find you online?

My Social media platforms and website! I LOVE social media!!!  It’s such a great way to instantly connect with my supporters and followers world wide!!  I have been blessed with so many amazing opportunities just through social media alone!


Official iLDIKO fERENCI Website

Twitter @SpicyLilPepper

Instagram @SpicyLilPepper

Verified/Official  FB page

Verified Call:


You Tube:

Before we wrap it up I wanted to thank you for having me on one of my favourite magazines and congratulate you on your huge success!!! I had a blast talking to all of you guys!

Big hugs & kisses!!

PS Don’t forget to drop a line and stay connected on my social media platforms. @SpicyLilPepper Xo

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