Do you have questions about the Kandy App for your iPad or iPhone? You have come to the right place. Look below for FAQ’s. But, first the app is FREE so if you have not downloaded it why not? You’ve come this far, download the app. You can always remove it but it doesn’t cost you anything to keep.

China users Only: Due to country restrictions, SOME photography and video content may not be viewable. 

Company General Questions

How long has Kandy Magazine been in business?
Kandy magazine published its very first digital issue in the summer of 2011. Download the app by tapping here https://itunes.apple.com/app/id680924522

What kind of content does Kandy magazine feature?
Kandy magazine is a men’s interest magazine. This means the content inside the magazine is predominantly geared towards men. Kandy features interviews and pictorials of beautiful women from around the planet; car and truck reviews; reviews and previews of movies, video games, and music; app, gadgets and gear reviews; sports columns about football, hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, mixed martial arts, horse racing and auto racing; sex and dating advice from experts and the women of Kandy; general bachelor advice covering food, drink, nightlife, partying, fashion, style, and travel.

App/iTunes (GENERAL)

How do I get my issues back?
Tap on the Gear / Wheel Icon on the Issues screen. Tap “Missing Issues” presented on the screen.  You will be asked for your iTunes password.

I followed the directions to “Restore” missing issues and still do not have all my issues back. What else can I do?
Try deleting the app and reinstalling it. Then follow the steps previously outlined. If this does not restore issues email support@kandymag.com a copy of your iTunes receipt.

I am a subscriber and wondering why I do not have access to back issues.
Back issues may be purchased separately, in a bundle or by purchasing an all access annual subscription. If you do not have an All Access subscription you may still access back issues by either purchasing them separately or purchasing a bundle containing special back issues.

What do I get with the KANDY iPad or iPhone app?
The app allows you to download and view issues of KANDY’s iPad and iPhone editions. You can also purchase single issues or subscriptions from within the app. You also get access to exclusive free content in the bottom menu of the iPad app and under the Menu button in the upper left corner of the iPhone app.

What editorial content is included in the KANDY iPad and iPhone edition?
The iPad and iPhone edition contains  enhanced audio, video, and image files. The iPad editions are more robust as the screen sizes of iPads allow us to lay out the magazine more like a traditional print magazine.

Will the app run on my Android/BlackBerry smartphone?
No. The KANDY iPad or iPhone app is designed for the IOS. Go to the Amazon Appstore  or Google Play  to download our Android App.

How am I notified when the latest issue is available to download?
When you open the KANDY app, it’ll tell you if there’s a new issue ready for download. You can also get update notices from the App Store when new issues are available.

Can I share issues I purchased from my iPad or iPhone app with a friend?
No, sorry—not at this time but you may share individual articles and screens from within the App by tapping on the Share icon in the upper corner of the app.


How much does the KANDY iPad app cost?
The app itself is free. Once you have it, you can purchase single issues or, depending on your device, set up a money-saving subscription for a  month, multiple months,  or year. However, there is free content inside the app too.

Can I subscribe to the KANDY iPad or iPhone edition from my iPad or iPhone?
Yes. You can buy a subscription on your iPad or iPhone, just tap the “Subscribe” link within the KANDY  app.

How are subscriptions renewed?
If you buy a subscription through the App Store on your iTunes account, your subscription with Apple will automatically renew until you cancel it.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it through your iTunes account. If you’d like to turn off auto-renew, you can do so by changing your settings in iTunes.

Single-Issue Purchases
Can I buy single issues of KANDY on the iPad or iPhone without subscribing?
Yes. Single copies  of the current issue are available through the app  without a subscription. But you can save money by setting up a subscription.

Can I purchase back issues of KANDY on my iPad or iPhone?
Yes. Back issues are available through the app.

Still have questions?
I have a question that wasn’t addressed in the FAQ. How can I reach someone?
For any other questions, comments, and issues, please email us support@kandymag.com. We will do our best to respond within 48 – 72 hours.

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