Irina Voronina Joins The Kandy 3-Timers Club!

March 2015 Cover Model

Irina Voronina  Joins The Kandy 3-Timers Club!

 She rocked her first two Kandy covers, issue 9 from 2012 and September 2013. Irina is now back for a third time to join a very small club, the Kandy 3 Timers Club!

Irina, bring us up to date on your life since you were named Krush of the Year in September 2013.

Well, In 2013 I became an American Citizen. I started producing original content for my YouTube channel. I call my show Bunny Talks and I put out comedic webisodes and Vlogs. Be sure to check out!

Hey, that gives us an idea! Let’s see how you do with on a World of Kandy Citizen test.  We’ll keep it brief.

On what date did Kandy publish its first issue?

August 27th, 2011

Who was the first Kandy cover model?

Not me, but my very good friend Tiffany Selby.

We love Tiffany. Such a great sport with our silly questions. Who was the first Krush of the Year?

I was the first Krush of the Year!!!

Who was last year’s Krush of the Year?

Jessica Hall. Love her!

How many different Kandy cover models have there been?

Not going to literally count lol. I’d say 21.

How many cover models belong to the Kandy 3 Timers Club?

I think it is Emily Sears, and now me!!!!

Oh, there is one other member. Readers can you help her out? Well, technically, she’s been on 4 Kandy covers.

Bonus Question

Outside of California, what country, state or city has had the most models on the cover of Kandy?


Readers, can you name the 4 different cover models with Australian roots. Also, go to the back of the issue to take this quiz yourself and see how well you know your Kandy cover models.

You have a couple films in post-production. Tell us a little bit about them.

There will be 3 films released in 2015 starring me. I starred and helped produce an Indie film, Scramble.  Another Indie film, a Sci-Fi comedy ‘Lazer Team’ will be coming out in August; I play a scientist in it. And you’ll be briefly seeing me in a comedy called Killing Hasselhoff.

What’s Scramble all about?

Scramble is an action film; I can’t reveal you the story line. All I can say I play a very dangerous killer named V.  It’s sexy, dangerous and very entertaining! I also helped produce the film and was in charge of wardrobe for the entire cast. We just finished the principle photography and expect to release it by the end of the year.

Tell us a little bit about your original YouTube footage where you are pulling pranks on people. What gives?

Pranks are a lot of fun and my fans seem to like them a lot! As you can see, my silly prank videos get the most views. Be sure to subscribe

Any of the guys get out of line when you took them for a spin in the Corvette?

Ha-ha not really, I think they were a bit upset when we actually did not end up going anywhere.

Any upcoming, exciting videos planned for your YouTube channel?

I will continue filming Bunny Talks, comedy sketches, as well as some pranks. If our readers have some awesome prank ideas, please be sure to let me know!

What do you think of Snapchat?

I have a Snapchat account, but I haven’t really got a hang of it yet. Can you guys help me? It’s @IrinaVoronina on Snapchat.

Thanks Irina. And, welcome to the Kandy 3 Timers Club.

Keep up with Irina online at

Twitter @irinavoronina

Instagram @IrinaVoronina

Snapchat @IrinaVoronina

Vine @IrinaVoronina

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