Issue 9

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Issue 9 Featuring Irina Voronina

Cover Model Irina Voronina

Piranha 3DD’s actress, Too Sexy for Facebook … Banned 10x!!! Find out why, and more…

World of Kandy Models

Elizabeth Deo

She has gone from turning hairs as a stylist to turning heads on the small screen. Is the big screen next?

Alysson Holt

The color PINK has never looked so good …

Niki Ghazian

Our Kandy columnist has put her pen aside to brighten your day.

Sierra Merchant

Sierra is back! She has been our Kandy Girl of the Week and featured in the Kandystand. Now, she’s back with another Kandy appearance.

Pillow Fighting 101

Our Kandy Models Sierra and Alysson go Pillow to Pillow in the Pillow Fight of the Century!

Tiffany Selby & Katie Lohmann

The Dynamic Duo, Tiffany and Katie (Our very first two Kandy Magazine Cover Models), are back to sweeten up your day. And what’s with the GIANT SUCKER?!

Molly Shea

Our Hot Fantasy Vegan Nurse? Find out what she has been up to since Sunset Tan!

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