Jessica Alba On Hot Ones!

Jessica Alba is an actress whose career in Hollywood checks every box, from big budget blockbusters to television cult classics. She’s also a tremendously successful businesswoman as the founder of The Honest Company. And, you can catch her starring in ’L.A.‘s Finest’ on Fox. How will she deal with the wings of death doused in the all-new sauce lineup on this Season 13 premiere episode of Hot Ones? Find out how this office layout nerd fights the spice while answering questions about visiting the SpaceX headquarters, favorite memories with Snoop Dogg, being on the set of ‘Dark Angel,’ taking shots of Hpnotiq while filming ‘Honey,’ and why we should embrace wabi-sabi. But will her creative antidotes (sour cream, peanut butter, antacids, oat milk with honey, and more) help her get through all ten wings? Hot Ones is back, baby!

Episode 19 Kandy podcast co-host Laurie Young One on One Official Kandy Podcast

Official Kandy Podcast co-host Laurie Young is our guest this week. Laurie stars us off with her appearance on Jessica Hall's Flashbacks podcast. Ron and Laurie share the story behind the story of her Kandy Magazine 10 Year Anniversary Cover Shoot which paid tribute to supermodel Rachel Hunter. We recap Kandy Magazine's 10 Year Anniversary party and the guests who were on hand. The podcast is closed out discussing Ron's favorite sport and team the New York Rangers and the chaos surrounding the team currently and their prized talent Vitali Kravtsov.  5:00 Laurie discusses Flashback appearance 9:00 Laurie and Ron talk 10 Year Cover Photo Shoot 15:30 Laurie obsession with cute photos for grandpas and puppies 16:45 Laurie or Mommy 18:00 We go from southern California setting to Tahiti 20:30 90s early 2000s, Gigi Hadid influence 25:00 We talk Rachel Hunter theme  27:30 The Art of Getting the Cover Shot 30:00 1,800 Photos to Get a Single Shot 32:30 Laurie's All Grown Up Now 35:00 10 Year Anniversary Party Recap 35:45 Party Guests Jessica Hall, Jennifer Irene, Amanda Paris, Tiffany Toth, Nina Carla, Niki Ghazian, Bri Stern, Marissa Victoria, Rachel Fuell, Maddie Moore, Suvi Laiho, Lizzy Westerlund, Sons on Fire 43:25 Sons on Fire acoustic set  44:50 Laurie talks post dance club preference 46:45 New York Rangers Chaos 49:30 Rangers Twitter Civil War 50:00 Get KANDY – all the places   Follow Laurie on Instagram @dubyoung Intro and Exit Music FADED by Sons on Fire
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