Kandy Magazine 1 Year Birthday Party Lure Nightclub

On Aug. 17th, 2012 Kandy Magazine held a party at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood, California to celebrate its 1 year birthday. Kandy models in attendance included Irina Voronina, Katie Lohmann, Jacqueline Suzanne, Alexa Sandberg, Jessica Cribbon, Rosemarie Roberts, Laura Cavender, Amber Soleil and Niki Ghazian. GG of Shahs of Sunset made a surprise appearance as well. Click Here to See all the photos: http://www.prphotos.com/store/category.cgi?&category=search&query=%5Eevents%2Esql&override_group=1&searchtype=efts&index=misc2&q2=Kandy%20Magazine%27s%201st%20Anniversary%20Party%20-%20Arrivals&results_per_page=48

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