KANDY Magazine Issue 110

Holiday Special Edition

Bri Stern and Maddie Moore Warm Up Our Holidays

Kandy Magazine 2021 Holiday Issue Bri Stern Maddie Moore
Bri Stern and Maddie Moore Kandy Magazine Cover Girls Photos Mike Prado

An Independent Voice for An Independent Man
Inside This Month’s Magazine

BRI STERN & MADDIE MOORE – They are BFF’s and brought all sorts of presents for KANDY readers in this month’s issue.

World of KANDY England LEAH SPEAKE
Photos with a bear? Well, you know her passport received its first KANDY Stamp.

It’s a Holiday Dinner Party! Two Christmas Dinner Celebrity Guests
1 For Her, 1 For You. But, who is who’s guest? On the initial episode of the Kandy podcast ‘Kandy and Cocktails’, we discussed celebrity holiday dinner guests.

Spend your Crypto Millions. Take note millennial crypto millionaires. It’s time to put that currency to use. May we suggest back to back trips. First, jet off to Tahiti to keep your lady happy and then a layover in Aspen to ease back into society. Have your girl shine in the new Mercedes-AMG SL63 and if you hit it really big, pick up the ASTON MARTIN VALKYRIE.

7 Times Saying “I’m Sorry” Won’t Cut It
I’m sorry. How many times in a relationship have you said it? Or had it said to you? Find yourself caught in any of these scenarios and have a Plan B ready.

College Football Playoff
Will it be an all-SEC final or will the Bearcats continue their Cinderella run and upset the Crimson Tide?

Kandy girl Leah Speake of England
Kandy Holiday Trips
Luxury overwater bungalows Tahiti resort woman going snorkeling from private hotel room on Bora Bora island, French Polynesia. Holiday vacation recreational activity watersport fun leisure.
Mercedes AMG for her holiday gift
2 Holiday Gifts that are Sexy
Sexy Holiday Dinner Guest Britney Spears

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