Kick-ass 2

Kick-Ass 2

Rating: R
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jim Carrey
Director: Jeff Wadlow
Studio: Universal
Genre: Smart-Ass Teen Vigilante Vendetta Vid
Recommendation: 3 out of 5 Toxic Mega-cosplay-freaks

A butt-load of brutal cosplay violence that bathes moviegoers in splatters of slapstick and buckets of blood, “Kick-Ass 2” is both a slick and brain-sizzling slice of summertime bad-assery, and a big-ass letdown.

The superhero sequel to 2010’s surprise hit (‘kay, truthfully the original “Kick-Ass” was more of a surprise, cult DVD type hit, which flopped in bijous but found life after its’ theatrical run death) follows famed high-schooler turned crime buster Kick-Ass (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and amateur assassin Hit Girl (the unbelievably rawkin’  Chloë Grace Moretz) in their further fight to rid the seedy streets of their city of sickos. At the same time, they’re normal (read: horny) teens, with hot teacher fixations and male masturbation fantasies. Kick-Ass and Hit Girl are forced to join forces with Colonel Stars & Stripes, a morally driven ex-mob boss (played by the manic Jim Carrey) who hates F-bomb-tossing teens as much as he hates evil, when their arch-nemesis Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) returns, reborn as the super-villainous rich kid The Mother Fucker, dressed in fetish gear who assembles his own evil league to hunt down our heroes in vengeance.

What seemed fresh ‘bout the cockeyed cinema of “Kick-Ass” was the high-concept superhero-nerd-shtick mashed with “Taxi Driver” level bloodshed. “Kick-Ass” might have looked like eye-candy for kids, but that candy could beat your ass to a bloody pulp, and leave you begging for more. “Kick-Ass 2” just leaves you begging. You walk in wanting to have your butt kicked with XXX-treme comic book testosterone twerking. You walk out wanting to kick its brainless, sequel sucking butt.

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