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To late night television viewers, she is the actress in the commercials where every other word is bleeped. To NHRA fans, she is the pretty blonde standing at the starting line waving her pom poms as Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Angie Smith settles in at the starting line. And, to us, the editorial staff of Kandy, she is our Laurie, a source of non-stop entertainment and joy.

Why are you known as the bleep girl?
Am I known as the bleep girl? I didn’t know I was known as the bleep girl. I guess it’s my dirty mouth. (ha ha) No, it’s probably those popular commercials where I say naughty things that get bleeped out. But the other day, out of the blue, this guy from high school sends me a text saying my new commercial is always on the History Channel. I Googled my commercial and there’re actual articles saying who the actress is in the commercials. LOL!

That’s a pretty funny commercial. Were they really bleep-worthy words?
Well, the script read “bleep” but the day of the shoot they decided to change it up on me; so, yes they ended up being very bleep worthy. One of the words I didn’t even know the definition. {LOL}

Watch it here

When you were negotiating your compensation were there certain ‘toys’ you demanded to be part of the package?
LOL, no but they did offer to send me anything I wanted anytime so I’ve taken them up on the offer a few times.

Many of our readers know you as the Kandy cheerleader for Angie Smith. Has cheerleading always been in your blood?
Yes, I’m a cheerleader to the core! I cheered since I was about 7 and then all the way through high school. I was also on competition teams and coached 5-year olds. So, it’s never left me.

How have the fans and other racers been towards you? We hear there have never been cheerleaders in racing.
The fans LOVE me; they yell and scream and try to get us to wave at them when they see us out there. It’s an amazing feeling to make strangers smile and to get the crowd amped up before a race. I feel fortunate to spend time with all the talented racers out there and I think the best part about the whole thing is the comradery between them all. They have so much fun on and off the track.

Staying along the racing theme, you worked alongside a few different Kandy girls last year. Describe each using only a single word.
Claudia – Hilarious
Alexa – Fun
Janira – Sunshine
Angie – Superwoman

Are the NHRA fans going see you back out there on the race circuit during the 2015 season?
We’ll have to wait and see. 😉

Rumor has it you recently became a fan of hockey and have adopted the LA Kings as your team, despite living in Orange County your entire life, the home of the Ducks. What gives? Only cheer for winners?
Well, the Kings have been around before the Ducks existed and I’m an OG kind of girl. Plus, I just really enjoy saying the name Anže Kopitar. I like the Ducks too; hey, I even like the Rangers. 😉

Speaking of the Rangers, you lost a bet to our Editor in Chief. What were you betting on and what did you lose?
I was fairly certain the song “Bad boy” was originally sung by Jennifer Grey because it’s playing on the TV in the room at the Fontainebleau when you check in and I had seen it over and over so I really thought I was right and I forced the bet. Naturally I was wrong, it was Gloria Estefan, so I lost and had to wear a NY Rangers jersey in a photo and use it as my main picture on Facebook. I’m a Kings fan so that was no fun.

What was it like travelling to Miami with Kandy? Did you get to enjoy some of the nightlife that Miami is famous for?
Well, I absolutely adore my job so shooting on the beach in Miami was not work. But how could I not enjoy the Miami nightlife. Of course we ended the trip with a night out at LIV, the hottest nightclub in Miami and danced the night away.

Going back to sports for a second, since LA does not have a NFL team, what is this that we hear you are a 49ers fan too? How does that work out?
No, no, no! I’m a Vikings fan; don’t get it twisted! But, I’ll root for the ‘Niners as long as they’re not playing the Vikings.

You travelled a lot last year with Kandy. Let’s do a little word association with some of places. Tell us what you think of first when we mention the following.
Charlotte – Bubbles
Miami – Epic
Atlanta – 4am phone calls
New York City – Smith’s
Reading, Pennsylvania – Amish smorgasbord
Chicago – Bad behavior
Sonoma – Bridges

It seems tougher and tougher for models to receive magazine covers. You are competing with reality TV stars, movie stars, TV actresses, and singers for covers. How does it feel to grace a men’s magazine cover?
It feels amazing but also deserved. I’ve worked very hard over the years to get where I’m at and I feel I’ve earned it.

It is your birthday month and you are doubled up as the Kandy Cover Model and Krush of the Month. How are you going to celebrate all three?
Going to Cozumel! Bikini clad, sitting pretty on the beach, cocktail in hand. I’ll send pics. 😉

Follow Laurie online:
IG @dubyoung
Twitter @DubYoungin

Let’s do a quick game of Rapid Fire. We’ll give you two choices. You pick one. Ready?
Huntington Beach or Newport Beach?

Beaches or Mountains?

Surfboard or boogie board?

Skateboard or Beach Cruiser?

Water Skiing or snowboarding?

Camping or 5 Star Hotel?
5 star hotel

Las Vegas or Big Bear?
Big Bear

Beer or Cocktail?

Wine or Champagne?

Men or women?

All natural or bleached?
All natural

NYC or Miami?

Matt or Angie?

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