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If there is one thing we knew about 2017, it is that 2017 was the year of Lindsey Pelas. Her followers on Instagram exploded to over 7 million. She was named the World’s Hottest Woman by other men’s magazines. Her Cosmo magazine video regarding big boobs problems is not only entertaining but educational. And, of course, if you are a long-time reader of Kandy, you know we aim to educate here. When it came time for us to put Lindsey Pelas into our own words, after hours of research by the Kandy interns, it seemed the title “World’s Hottest Woman” was not sufficient. It goes unsaid that Lindsey is hot. No, Lindsey is worthy of another title. And thanks to these amazing photos by Tony Piazza we found the perfect word and title, “The World’s Most Desirable Woman”.

Hi Lindsey, welcome to the pages of Kandy magazine. We can’t think of a better way to kick off 2018 than featuring you on the cover. You killed 2017. What are your plans for 2018 to top 2017?
Thank you so much! So happy to be a part of it! I have so many plans for 2018. I have my sights set on a few major publications and campaigns I really want to be a part of. I also have already started planning new merchandising opportunities. There have been a few products I think the world needs and I feel in 2017 I really learned so much about entrepreneurship, so I’m going to apply what I learned in my 2018 plans.

Let’s talk about your popularity. When did you wake up one morning and think to yourself, “holy crap, am I really this popular?”
I’ve still never woken up like that! Ha-ha! I think I’ve had a few “wow” moments, though. When I’ve been paparazzied at the beach or on vacation in Miami and I one hundred percent had no idea I was being photographed… those are always pretty “wow” moments.

So, no holy crap moments. Is there a single event you recall that supercharged your popularity?
Of course! When I moved to Los Angeles, I did the infamous slo-motion running video! That video ended up gaining more than 9 million views and I had a million followers within six weeks. Dating Dan Bilzerian definitely got a lot of attention as well.

Technology seems to have overtaken the world of dating. Apps have changed our lives. So, easy into the topic, when grocery shopping, do you venture out to the local market or have the groceries delivered using an app?
I still go to the grocery store. Honestly, I hate the thought of someone carrying up heavy groceries for me! I’d feel so spoiled! Ha-ha, I’d rather do it myself.

Is there a non-invasive way for a guy to approach a woman the old-fashion way in the market?
I want to say “yes.” I think there’s always a way and there will always be people susceptible to meeting there. However, I’m 100000% not one of them! I really see that environment as a chore and to be honest, if I’m not in a definitively social space like a bar or a club, I don’t want to be bothered. It sounds bad but there have been so many scary instances that make it just bad all around. I’d rather save the pickup lines for somewhere that at least serves vodka! Ha-ha.

When deciding to accept an invitation to a first date, what is most important in your decision?
When I’m invited on a first date, I think what’s most important to my decision to saying “yes” is general background info, could this work for me and how? I’m not into just how hot someone is. Most of my first dates have been with people who I’ve met as friends or maybe I already know a bit about them. I could count on one hand the first dates I’ve had that didn’t turn out to be major relationships in my life.

When out on a first date how soon before you know?
On a first date, I can definitely tell if I’m interested in someone. For me though, I’m actually a little bit traditional in the courtship department. I won’t go home with you or take it to the next level unless we’re in a committed relationship. So, it takes a generous amount of dates before I take someone that seriously.

What sort of connection are you looking for on a first date?
On a first date, I like to make sure someone can connect with good banter. It’s really easy to tell if they’re smart, too. It’s not unlikely that I’ll bring up current events or politics because I like to test the waters. I can’t stand a boring dinner or boring conversation! I like it deep and thought-provoking.

Okay. Enough of the dating world. What or who would be part of an epic photo shoot that you have not done yet?
Well, I’ve yet to do a shoot in the snow! I always really loved and been inspired by Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Antarctica shoot. I have also already conceptualized my 2019 calendar theme. It’s going to be ridiculous and for sure one of my dream shoots, but shhhh. It’s a secret for now.

Final question, what part of the small-town girl Lindsey Pelas of Loranger, Louisiana (population less than 7,000) influences your daily life in Los Angeles the most?
I think the small-town girl influences every move I make here in Los Angeles. I’m not materialistic by my upbringing, so I find that freeing in this city, but also it can leave me out of the loop at times. I also think I still behave with a respect and a positive attitude that so many people just abandon here. I’m southern, I’ll always like to have manners, do the right thing and give you that southern hospitality and charm. If you are new to the World of Lindsey, you can follow her
Instagam @lindseypelas

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