Lost Planet 3 Box ArtLost Planet 3
Published by:
Genre: Action-Adventure
Release Date: August 27, 2013
MSRP: $59.99
T for Teen
Available On:
Xbox 360, PS3, PC

The original Lost Planet game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition began as an Xbox exclusive that debut early in the console’s lifespan and didn’t have much in the way of competition. Since then, of course, a number of huge third-person sci-fi games have stormed the market, with titles like Mass Effect and Dead Space likely taking the top slot on the pile. A sequel to Lost Planet, titled Lost Planet 2, failed to recapture what had made the first game so unique and was met mostly with weak reviews. Now it’s time again to visit the stark planet of E.D.N. III, and Capcom is hoping that Lost Planet 3 will bring back the players it lost with its lackluster sequel.

Big changes are afoot for the Lost Planet series. Lost Planet 3 focuses more on story than action, addressing what was one of the biggest complaints about Lost Planet 2. The game is set years before the first game in the franchise, starting players on E.D.N. III during a harsher time in its lifespan to help flush out some of the mysteries that led to the events of the first game. The story centers on Jim, a pilot who takes a contract on E.D.N. III and works to harvest thermal energy from around the planet in the hopes of earning a big payoff and a ticket home.

There’s a lot to do in Lost Planet 3 — far more than what was offered in Lost Planet 2. There are the core missions, to be sure, but also a host of optional side missions that help pad out Jim’s wallet and delve deeper into the story of E.D.N. III and its’ colonists. You can also customize your Rig with items obtained throughout the game, upgrade your gear, and explore the wide-open expanses of the planet whilst fending off its incredibly dangerous fauna.

The bottom line is that Lost Planet 2 failed to address the problems of the original game while introducing a collection of new and annoying issues that turned the sequel into a sci-fi mush pile. Lost Planet 3 seeks to repair those woes through a cleaner interface, more responsive controls, more interesting combat scenarios, and a story that makes you actually want to keep going. Unlike Lost Planet 2, which was essentially an hours-long grind fest, Lost Planet 3 is an engaging, challenging shooter that delivers a decent (if not amazing) science fiction tale.

Lost Planet 3 isn’t going to win any game of the year awards, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Fans of the franchise will be pleased with all of the new modifications (along with the enjoyable and relatable main character), while newcomers will find a lot to love in the game’s gorgeous environments and tense battle scenarios. As far as sci-fi shooters go, Lost Planet 3 is a good bet for the Fall.

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