Lucy Miller March 2015 Krush of the Month

Krush of the Month
Miss Lucy Miller
Australian Royalty

We’ve left the Northern Hemisphere and gone south, way south, to bring you this month’s Krush of the Month. Your March 2015 Krush of the Month is Lucy Miller of Cairns, Australia. With all the Aussie’s we feature in Kandy you knew it was only a matter of time until we named an Aussie our Krush of the Month. In Lucy, we found the perfect Kandy Krush formula – a Princess (more on that later), sweet, classy, a little spicy, and a wide array of key Kandy ingredients every guy hopes for in his perfect girlfriend. The only question we are left with is when Lucy is returning to America.

We’re quick learners over here in America. One thing we’ve learned is very few Aussies have deep roots in Australia. How many generations are you Australian?
I’m fourth generation Australian; my great, great grandparents were British and were some of the early settlers of South Australia. So I’m about as Aussie as you can be!

Well, so much for that logic. What are your family bloodlines?
On my Dad’s side, we are descendants of Mary Queen of Scots, so I am allowed to be a bit of a princess sometimes I guess! Haha … On my Mums side, there is a tiny bit of German and Spanish way back in the mix but also mostly Aussie/ English on her side.

Where is your favorite place to be at any moment in time?
Right now, I’m LOVING being in my cozy bed while it’s raining outside! But I love being out, having fun or learning, or simply being anywhere with my family and friends. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to this; I can enjoy both being alone and being with others. I’ve travelled and explored a lot by myself, so I’m not someone who needs to constantly be surrounded. I guess one of my most favorite things is being on holiday with my family.

What do you love most about Australia?
I live in one of the most amazing countries in the world; I don’t even know where to begin! This big island is surrounded with stunning beaches; we have red deserts and caves (outback), big cities, small country towns, rivers, rainforests and waterfalls, tropical beaches, coral reefs, gorgeous historical sites and so many different cultures. There’s so much wildlife, most of which you won’t find anywhere else in the world… I don’t think I could pick just one favorite thing about my country! I do love how friendly most of us Aussies are though, you’ll never be short of a friend here.

What is one delicacy in Australia you would recommend to Americans?
So I asked my Aussie friends and fans on Facebook what they thought on this, and I think the top answer is a Meat Pie with tomato sauce! Or a traditional Aussie BBQ. There were lots of answers but I don’t think many of you would like Vegemite, despite how much I love it!

Where is the best party city in Australia?
My hometown! Cairns has amazing nightlife and partying. This town is full of international backpackers who come here to live and work for a few months, mostly because of our party scene. You can go out any day of the week and have a good time. What’s better than having a great night out and recovering the next day at a tropical beach or at some waterfalls? I also love Sydney and Melbourne but they only have certain nights that are big.

What bar is the best party scene in Australia?
It really depends; my favorite clubs in Australia are Lyquid in Cairns and Marquee in Sydney!

Reader submitted question, why do women go to the bathroom in pairs?
Okay, here’s my fave way of putting it. You know when they call timeout at a basketball/football game and the players all go huddle and discuss what’s been going on and the game plans, etc.? That’s what we do basically … lol …. We have a timeout and get on top of things. We do it all through the night. Plus, we share makeup and perfume, so we split the necessities for the night evenly into each other’s purses and that way we need to all go touch up together.

If you could go back in time who would you be and why?
If I could go back in time, that’s a hard one.. I would say Marilyn Monroe, but we all know how that ended… Maybe Audrey Hepburn? Not only was she a beautiful, talented, intelligent and endearing woman who was a great role model to many people, she was also an amazing humanitarian and philanthropist with a big heart. I also love how much of a fashion icon she was; what girl doesn’t?

If there was a TV series made about your life what would it be called?
My life would make such an entertaining TV series… haha I get told all the time I should have one, which is why I’ve started playing a bit with Snapchat… but, if I had one what would it be called… I love Lucy? Lucy La Vida Loca? I’d be open to suggestions for sure; if I ever get hit up to do my own show, my first point of reference for the title will be my Kandy family and friends!

How many white lies have you told in the past week? Be honest!
Yikes… I try not to tell too many lies, perhaps a few little white lies this past week… Nothing that immediately comes to mind. Does it count if you lie to one person but then tell another person the truth on that subject though? Haha

When it comes to your personality are you more a Volkswagen Jetta or Ferrari F450?
I could say either really for different reasons, I’m quite multi-faceted. However, Ferrari sounds better to me right now; I’m a little pocket rocket and it takes a lot to slow me down. I’m definitely in a Ferrari mood right now thanks to Kandy!

If you had to do without one of these for a year, which would it be – sex or makeup?
This is pretty sad; I would have to say sex! Makeup goes hand in hand with working as a model, therefore for my job and livelihood I suppose I’d have to say I’d rather give up sex for a year.

What is the craziest thing to ever happen to you on a photo shoot?
Oh I wish I could think of something interesting! I always seem to have fun shoots! I’m just a fun loving, easy to get along with person who likes to make people laugh, usually that goes well on set. I’ve had to scale buildings and jump over fences to get the shot sometimes and I commit fully to get it! I had to skateboard at a skate park in a bikini one time in Whistler, Canada, despite being freezing and never having been on a board of any kind haha … was a good time though.

Are you a flip-flops or stilettos kind of girl?
Very much both… Being Aussie I live in flip flops during the day, however the model life calls for stilettos when working or at events, especially when you’re only 5″2 like me… I love getting all dolled up and throwing on my hottest stilettos though whenever I can!

Would your ideal man come home from a day on the board or a long day at the office?
A day in the office. Or on the basketball court, in the studio or wherever their career may be as long as they work hard at a career they are passionate about. I like a guy who takes his career seriously and has dreams and ambitions that he’s actively pursuing. Not a guy who sits around and does nothing all day, they can’t keep up with me!

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