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Cam Newton Madden 15
People who like Madden are going to buy Madden, regardless of what the critics say or previews conclude. Still, there are a few “on again, off again” Madden fans who pick the game up every other year as interesting features emerge. If you’re one of those Madden players who waits around to see if the latest version is worth picking up, Madden 15 is a title that’s definitely going to end up on your shortlist of fall games.

It would be impossible to list everything that’s been improved, upgraded, and invented for Madden 15. This iteration of the game, by far, adds more than any previous release. You will notice a different between last year’s release and this year’s release, whether it be in the enhanced player A.I., deeper defensive controls, passing accuracy, and revamped NFL Films style presentation. Madden has always been excellent at dropping you into the action, but Madden 15 goes above and beyond when it comes to creating the atmosphere and excitement of NFL game day.

The biggest difference longtime players will notice is Madden 15’s focus on making defense an enjoyable part of the game. Only the most ardent of Madden players would argue that the series offered interesting or engaging defensive play; the franchise has seemingly centered on offense since its inception. The defense system in Madden 15, however, finally shakes things up. The new defensive camera puts you in the thick of the play, and if you manage to break coverage you’ll be able to fully control your tackle — if you feel like hitting the QB high with a crushing hit, you can do it.

Some of the franchise’s more maligned features are present. The microtransaction-based card pack system has returned (don’t expect EA to release any games with fewer microtransactions than before), and while refinements have been made to Madden’s physics system, things can still go occasionally weird. You should see a reduction in thrown balls passing clear through the chests of defenders, but as with all games occasional bugs and glitches still occur.

Madden 25, last year’s release, launched on next-gen consoles. Madden 15, however, feels like the first true next-gen iteration of the series. This is the one that EA had time to polish. Visually, it’s the prettiest and most realistic-looking football game ever made. And it adds just enough new stuff that hardcore fans and casual players alike will be happy to include it in their collections. As far as yearly releases go, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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