Metallica – Editor’s Choice

Album: Hardwired … To Self-Destruct
Release Date: November 18th
Genre: Rock
Label: Blackened Recordings
Producer: Greg Fidelman

My personal encounter with Metallica
It was June 1996 and I was in Chicago for a tradeshow, in a career that could be considered as far removed from Kandy as possible – the President of a toner cartridge manufacturer. One night, after our meetings for the day had concluded, we went out to dinner at Chicago’s finest steakhouse, Gibsons. About halfway through our meal, the table next to our booth turned. As it is today, it was back then, a pretty blonde was in our company. Her name was Stephanie and she leans across the table and whispers in my ear that a couple of the guys who just sat at the table look like the guys from Metallica. Well, the sales rep we are entertaining that night was a big Metallica fan. We call the waiter over and without mentioning who is sitting at the table inform him to send them a round of drinks. They order Coors Lights and give us a salute once their beers arrive. As we leave Stephanie asks if she could take a photo with the guys. We all know rock stars are surrounded by pretty women but I was surprised at how fast the guys sprung out of their seats. Who knew that the random encounter would be the first of many rock star encounters down the road. Stories for future Kandy issues.

Lars on Hardwired … Self – Destruct
“Has it really been eight years?  Doesn’t feel like it!   Nudge, nudge, wink, wink,” said Metallica’s Lars Ulrich.  “We’re obviously beyond psyched to share new tunes with all our friends out there.  We’ve been rockin’ along in the studio with Greg on and off for the last 18 months firing up the creative engines again. Putting new music out there, getting in your faces once again and all that comes with it is what we love to do more than anything else, so strap yourselves in … INCOMING!”

Metallica by the Numbers
Studio Albums: 11
Albums Sold: 110 Million
Grammy Awards: 9
American Music Awards: 2
Continents Performed: 7

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